[caption id="attachment_1760" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Pictured Jeremy Zuckerman, and Benjamin Wynn founders of The Track Team and original composers of the Avatar The Last Airbender Soundtrack, will also be composing The Legend of Korra. Now they have revealed that the soundtrack could be released with enough support."]The Track Team Jeremy Zuckerman, and Benjamin Wynn[/caption] Hello Avatar Fans, Every fan knows how great the Music from Avatar The Last Airbender is and most have wondered why a soundtrack has not yet been released. But now the Track Team via their Facebook page have revealed that it could happen if the Online petition gets enough support. From The Track Team's Facebook page

"ATLA Fans! We've learned that more signatures could very well make the soundtrack come to life. Get your friends and family to all participate and one day the soundtrack will be released. Keep up the great work." - The Track Team

Here is a link to the Online petition. <= Make sure you've added your signature! Please help make this happen and Sign the petition. It has almost 13,000 signatures as of the writing of this Post. Let's make it In the meantime here is a Post you might like with information about the Music From Avatar The Last Airbender and even some of the Tracks. Listen to fragments of the Avatar The Last Airbender Soundtrack makes us hope that the official soundtrack will be released even more! If you want to learn more about the geniuses behind the soundtrack check out the following posts: - Our Exclusive Interview with Jeremy Zuckerman - co-composer of the Avatar: The Last Airbender Soundtrack - The Track Team talks about the soundtrack to Avatar The Legend of Korra. Here's to hoping the official Avatar: The Last Airbender Soundtrack gets released ASAP! - Airspeed Prime -