Admin Talk Episode 3 - August 12th 2013 [caption id="attachment_7948" align="aligncenter" width="600"]K101 Screenshot Onwards to Book 2 Spirits.[/caption] and unite for the third time as Morgan (Airspeed Prime) and Keval (TheAdminAvatar) return to discuss the last few months of news from  the perspective of being admins of Avatar/Korra fan sites. Last time round in May we were very harsh on Nick for a severe lack of information about Korra, this time we give them some praise for stepping it up big time in the lead up to SDCC, SDCC itself and doing a good job at hyping Book 2 currently with things like the recently released Republic City Hustle. We cover a surprisingly good month of June which had a lot of news, SDCC 2013, the Book 2 trailer and even speculate on when Book 2 is coming. We end with a discussion on what we expect covering Book 2 for our sites will be like. - The Podcast is 70 minutes long. - Download the MP3 here (Right Click -> Save As) Podcast is 70 minutes long Podcast RSS Feed – Stitcher - Itunes – Just search “Avatar Online in podcasts” Please give us some positive feedback to help spread the show. A 5 Star Review would be tremendous. If you have any listener Questions or suggestions ask them here Or the email address [email protected]