I am just going to get straight down to it I will paraphrase Callum, Skype Sucked today. This episode is just the final 50 minutes of the episode, the skype connection was utterly atrocious the whole time. So much so that Callum could not be on. The bad Skype call affected the recorder and for some reason only recorded this much of the episode, there was nothing I could do to to save the rest of the episode as it was so bad of a connection. So what you will hear on this recording is basically our Episode Discussion on 219 The Guru just focused on the Chakras and final thoughts, the rest was not recorded for some reason. Effectively you have a Discussion Topic on Chakras, which is actually very interesting. I apologise for this happening, but there was nothing we could do beyond just cancelling the episode for a week. Listener Questions done here will be done again next regular episode and hopefully Skype won't be as bad next episode or ever again. Hopefully you can enjoy what is left of the episode :) Download the MP3 here (Right Click -> Save As) Or just click once to listen. Podcast is just over 50 minutes long Podcast RSS Feed – Itunes – Just search “Avatar Online in podcasts” Please give us some positive feedback to help spread the show. A 5 Star Review would be tremendous. If you have any listener Questions or suggestions ask them here Or the email address [email protected]