Interesting news relating to the 10 year anniversary of ATLA, a USA/Canada release of Avatar The Last Airbender Complete Series on DVD. No Blu Ray is a disappointment for many, but beyond the art, there is nothing new in this set as far as I know. It is the first time ATLA has been released as a full series collection in America, whereas Europe and the UK have had a collection out for a few years now. What this set is based on the little info out so far is the 3 Book's individual collections with new art for the covers packed into one collection. It will be 16 disks total. The Book 1 Water Special Edition set with the 5 disks of episodes and 1 special features disk and then 5 disks for Book 2 and 3 respectively. They have not revealed the full details of the extras, but it really does seem like a repackaged collection, with nothing new beyond the new covers. Speaking of these covers, Bryan has done the art for all of them. He revealed them on his Tumblr. Avatar1 Avatar2 Avatar3 Avatar4 I really like these minimalistic images, they really represent the key characters and element involved in each Book. But really the decision about purchasing this set comes down to a few key points. Do you have the indivudal sets already? Do you care about the new art? Are you a collector of all new Merch releases? For me I have the sets, albeit the Uk versions which have barely any special features, but the art interests me as does the chance to get the ATLA extras I have missed out on. So I can see myself getting this set, but then again I am a collector and have an interest in most Avatar merch. I hope they surprise us with the nature of the disks inside, but I don't have much hope. I appreciate the effort with the new covers, but I think most fans agree with me when they were expecting the next ATLA release to be a Blu Ray/Updated DVD of ATLA in high quality and remastered with a more modern aspect ratio. The wait continues on that front. Amazon currently have a preorder up for $42.99, but this will probably drop between now and release.