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The Legend of Korra and friends Officially titled "The Legend of Korra" this new series is set 70 years after the events that occurred with Aang and crew in Avatar The Last Airbender. The series features a young Avatar in training named Korra who is the next Avatar after Aang. The Legend of Korra Book 1 - Air In Book 1 of The Legend of Korra, Korra has already mastered Water, Earth, and Fire under the training of the White Lotus. She then begins her Airbending training under Tenzin who is Aangs son, and lives in Republic City, a city which was setup by Aang and Zuko. Korra quickly realizes that things in Republic City are not all well and that her duties as an Avatar will be tested against Amon, the mysterious leader of the "Equalist" movement which threatens to throw Republic City into all out war. The Legend of Korra Book 2 Not much is known about the second installment of The Legend of Korra franchise. Find all that we know so far about The Legend of Korra Book 2. Airdate is unknown but according to series creator Bryan Konietzko it is under 2 years away. More Korra Episodes 26 more episodes have been commissioned by Nickelodeon. They will presumably be set after the events of The Legend of Korra Book 2, nothing is known about the air date, plot line, etc.. When the 26 episodes are completed it will mean 52 Korra episodes will be aired in all.

Frequently Asked Korra Questions

  • When Will Avatar The Legend of Korra Book 2 Air? - No Concrete Air Date has yet been given, Korra series Creator Bryan Konietzko has informed us that it will be under 2 years
  • Will Aang and other Characters be in the Show? - The series is set 70 years in the future so all of the old characters will have passed on, however the results of their life work and other similar occurrences will definitely be seen.  Flashbacks and the like have already been seen in Korra book 1.
  • Will the Cabbage Merchant be in The Legend of Korra? - A very important question :) , the creators have said his "legacy" will be in the series in some way.  We saw that with Cabbage Corp. :)
  • Are Sky Bison (Appa) and Flying Lemurs (Momo) Going to be in the show? - Yes, Aang found a "lost herd" of Sky Bison and was able to help keep the species alive, Flying Lemurs will also be present.
  • How many Korra Episodes will there be? - Korra has 52 planned episodes. With 12 Episodes already being Aired in Book 1.

Avatar The Legend Of Korra Cast & Crew

Many of the original Cast and Crew of Avatar The Last Airbender are back in full force to make The Legend of Korra Amazing!
  • Michael Dante DiMartino, and Bryan Konietzko - Authors and Creators
  • The Track Team (Jeremy Zuckerman, Benjamin Wynn) - Composers
  • Janet Varney - As Korra
  • JK Simmons - As Tenzin
  • Dante Basco - General Iroh
  • David Faustino - Mako
  • PJ Byrne - Bolin
  • Seychelle Gabrielle - Asami
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There is too much information about the exciting new series to be covered in one page, so be sure to check out all the info below. The Legend of Korra is brought to you by the same creators who made Avatar The Last Airbender and is an incredible continuation of the series. It features some of the most breathtaking artwork, music, and voice-work that has created an incredibly large fan base of people of all ages.