The Track Team (Composers for ATLA and Korra) has just confirmed the existence of an awesome sneak peek look at the ending credits that will be played in Avatar The Legend of Korra. Listen to the music below. The Track Team posted about the song On Their Facebook Page. We don't know where the song came from but it certainly sounds awesome. httpv:// Can't wait for an Avatar The Last Airbender Soundtrack? Neither can we, Learn more about how to sign a petition in our Interview with Jeremy Zuckerman and if you haven't already, Sign the Petition here for an ATLA soundtrack (which as of this writing has over 15,000 signatures). [caption id="attachment_4752" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Awesome Korra Wallpaper done by the talented Pon De Replay of Breakthrough Designs"]Korra Ending Credits Sneak Peak[/caption] Find more awesome Wallpapers like this at