UPDATE 2 24th May/ Nicktoons have announced their "Big Surprise" , every episode of Avatar is up on the Nicktoons website for this weekend only. While good, I find this to be such poor understanding of the state of the fandom from Nick. I do not in anyway think this was the fandom's fault for getting our hopes up, how is this a big surprise, they did this exact thing for longer a few months back. I guess we now wait for The Track Team's announcement in early June. UPDATE 24th May/ On Twitter Nick said this "Nicktoons doesn't currently have a Twitter account, but the big news is only Avatar-related, not Korra :)" So I am pretty sure that because of The Track Team's mention of news soon, that this has to be an announcement of the ATLA Soundtrack. But it does strike me as odd that they would hype this up with a whole week of Avatar. Nicktoons definitely should have been more clear given the lack of Korra news. We do know that there are Korra announcements coming as confirmed by Bryan, but at this rate it looks like it will be SDCC when we get out next news. Also looking back on the Nicktoons facebook page it appears as if the surprise will be this weekend, so tomorrow or the next day. - I have held off on putting up a post like this, but I think now is a good time to get on board the hype.


We have heard from many sources that there is some big Avatar/Korra news coming soon. Bryan on Tumblr, The Track Team on Facebook and now most interestingly of all Nickoons. Nicktoons on Facebook has just teased this big news.
"Calling all AIRBENDERS!! In honor of AVATAR WEEK, we'll be posting about the show all week long, leading up to a big Avatar surprise this weekend!"
Given that the Track Team said that they expect the news in Early June this is obviously referring to Next weekend 1st June and 2nd June. This is a great sign because what big surprise that is Avatar related could Nick have that is not Korra Book 2 info ? So In my opinion this has to be near confirmation that Book 2 news will be next weekend. Thoughts.