Animation has been a huge talking point in the built up to Korra as well as the opening 3 episodes. Now we have a confirmed list of who is animating what.

 Studio Pierrot, Mir

A subscriber of popular Korra youtuber AvatarSpirit emailed Studio Mir asking them which exact episodes they worked on this Book. It leaves us with the following breakdown. K201 - Pierrot K202 - Pierrot K203 - Pierrot K204 - Pierrot K205 - Pierrot K206 - Pierrot K207 - Mir K208 - Mir K209 - Pierrot K210 - Mir K211 - Mir K212 - Mir K213 - Mir K214 - Mir Meaning 7 episodes for each company. The gap being because the Wan episodes (K207, K208) will have a different art style compared to a normal episode of Korra. Pretty interesting, I still want to know the full story of how this came about and why Pierrot are not going to be involved in Book 3 onwards as it seems. Thoughts?