As per usual Nick america are beaten to the punch by another country, this time World Cup hosts, Brazil get confirmation that Book 3 Change will be airing over there is September.


Really makes you wonder why Nick USA are taking so long to put out a release date. I think they now have to have a USA date before Brazil, they will not want to miss out on being the first to air new episodes after what happened with the leaks. We do not know the exact date that the show will air on in Brazil, but this really puts Nick in a position where it has to be August or Late July, early September at the absolute latest. We know they reveal the date just weeks before the show airs at latest usually a month, so I really don't think they can hold back a release date until comic con. I think that the best thing they could do is have the show premiere on the Friday or Saturday of Comic Con (Whenever the Korra panel is), it is in the last week in July. Perfect thing to do, premiere episode 1 at the panel and then later on or the next day everyone gets to watch the episode when it airs on tv. It would stop what usually happens when an episode debuts at comic con, more leaks as everyone else feels left out. Thoughts on what the Brazilian airdate means for the USA date?