Morgan (Airspeed Prime) here with something different. Earlier on today I joined the team at fellow Avatar/Korra Podcast, Cast Bender, as a guest host. Cast Bender You can listen to the podcast on their site here, I join the usual Cast Bender hosts, Tyrell, A.J and Teagan for Episode 67. The first half of the show is an interview with me where I talk about some of my experience with fansites, setting up the Avatar Online Podcast and various other things. While the second half is focused on discussion about the recent lack of news from Nick Upfront and some voice actors speculating on release dates. Podcast is about 55 minutes long. I really enjoyed being a guest host, nice to talk to other Avatar podcasters and Avatar fans. We even had some great discussions during the intermission that I don't think were recorded. Very fun recording :) Hope you enjoy this surprise podcast. Avatar Online Podcast Episode 84 will be recorded and released this Sunday so look out for that too.