[caption id="attachment_1128" align="aligncenter" width="100" caption="Zuko challenges you to watch an Avatar Episode a day"]Zuko Ninja Face Costume[/caption] We decided to join AvatarDestinyPortal.com in their "challenge" to watch one episode of Avatar The Last Airbender per day until the Live Action Movie Release of The Last Airbender out July 2nd. If you start watching a single avatar episode per day starting May 2nd you will finish the entire series by July 2nd when The Last Airbender Live Action Movie comes out! I think the only challenge i'm going to have with this "challenge" is to limit it to only one avatar episode per day, and not watching several avatar episodes at once. :) Starting May 2nd to July 1st BTW if you haven't yet bought Avatar The Last Airbender I'd highly recommend that, alternatively you can watch avatar episodes online courtesy of nickelodean. Click Here to Watch Avatar The Last Airbender Online