If you had told me back when I wrote a post like this about the Book 1 Air finale that it would be nearly 15 months before I would write the next episode reminder post, I would have called you crazy and laughed it off. It has been a tough 15 months for the fandom, with very little information to go off until about 2-3 months ago. [caption id="attachment_8033" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Book 2 logo Book 2 at last is here![/caption] At last we are here, Premiere Day. Today, September 13th Korra returns with 1 hour premiere of Book 2 Spirits. Which will feature K201 Rebel Spirit and also K202 The Southern Lights. Now all that is left is to remember the time and be there to watch. The premiere begins at 6pm Central time/7pm Eastern Time/Midnight British and Irish time/11pm GMT and just check out your time difference if you live elsewhere. It of course will air on Nickelodeon. While the site does not post links to view the episodes in non official ways I will say that livestreams will be readily available all over the place if you do not have Nick. If you want to discuss the episodes we have 2 discussion threads on the sites forums, 1 for each episode. Rebel Spirits Discussion Thread The Southern Lights Discussion Thread How excited are you, just under 13 hours to go as of the time I am writing this post.