The Korra Roundtable returns as Morgan (Airspeed Prime), Callum (Badgermole1) and Kelly (Gemini530) revisit Book 1 of Korra and have a huge discussion on everything from individual episodes to specific characters and plot threads. We really get in depth on Book 1 Air. Some important news is covered at the beginning and a whole section on Book 2 speculation at the end. It is a long podcast, but one of the best that the Avatar Online Podcast has put out. - Download the MP3 here (Right Click -> Save As) Podcast is just over 180 minutes long Podcast RSS Feed – Itunes – Just search “Avatar Online in podcasts” Please give us some positive feedback to help spread the show. A 5 Star Review would be tremendous. If you have any listener Questions or suggestions ask them here Or the email address [email protected]