Update June 17th/ Unfortunately Korra did not win the Outstanding Special class animation, that award when to Star Wars The Clone Wars. I have seen all of the Clone Wars and am a fan of it also, but I just do not see how it won. Clone Wars IMO was such an inconsistent show, never finding a balance between amazing episodes and very average ones. I think in the end Korra only having one Book out so far went against it so I can maybe understand that. It was good to see Mike, Bryan and Joachim Dos Santos all in attendance. Korra overall won 1 of the 3 awards it was up for.


Korra is up for these 3 Awards “OUTSTANDING SPECIAL CLASS ANIMATED PROGRAM”, Joaquim Dos Santos, Ki-Hyun Ryu, and Andrea Romano “OUTSTANDING DIRECTING IN AN ANIMATED PROGRAM” “OUTSTANDING CASTING FOR AN ANIMATED SERIES OR SPECIAL” Shannon Reed, Sarah Noonan, and Gene Vassilaro So far only 2 of the 3 Awards it is up for have been announced. Special Class Animated Program is still to come tomorrow night at the full on Awards show. Korra did win the Outstanding Casting award which is fantastic, and fitting for such a great cast. Korra did not win the directing award, that went to Dan Vs. on The Hub. Which I have only seen short parts of so I have no real idea on if Korra perhaps should have one. What I will say is that Korra was directed very well. I will update this post tomorrow night when the big Award is revealed. I personally think Korra should win as it is up against, Star Wars The Clone Wars and Dan Vs. I am a bit worried that Dan Vs. beat Korra for directing, but I think it is a much better show than The Clone Wars which was recently cancelled. I just hope it does not get the award out of sympathy as I honestly think Korra deserves this award. Thoughts ?