Unfortunate news The Last Airbender 2 is very much on the back burner, the Avatar The Last Airbender Movie received a boat-load of criticism so chances of the sequel are slim, a reboot of an Avatar The Last Airbender movie is more likely. As always as soon as we hear any news about The Last Airbender 2 Movie we will let you all know! You may have heard about M Night Shyamalans recent movie "Devil" which he was already planning on producing shortly after The Last Airbender. Well word has just arrived that he will be directing a new film called 'One Thousand A.E.' which makes it appear that the second Avatar: The Last Airbender Movie is way on the back-burner. This may be some good news for the majority of fans who were disappointed in The first Last Airbender movie as this is one of the rare films M Night is directing but not writing (which will hopefully mean he will direct but not write The Last Airbender 2). Many fans hope M Night never touches The Last Airbender ever again, but I think he still should have a place in the movie series (being the one who had the idea to start it), albeit he needs a lot of help, and with some major renovations to the movies style and scripting I think it will be something worthwhile. If you want to find out more about what we thought of the first Last Airbender movie then Read the full review of The Last Airbender. Despite mainly negative reactions from fans of the show and movie goers alike the movie has had solid financial success, the movie has been quite profitable in theaters making well over $300 million, the DVD and Blu-Ray sales should help increase that number as well, making the likelihood of a second Airbender movie increase, although it's still up in the air whether or not it will ever be made. Maybe this latest movie of M Night will not have a twist ending, now that would be a twist wouldn't it :) What do you think?