Airspeed Prime here to present to you the second of the sites post Book 1 Air events, The first of course is Avatar Trivia Korra edition which you can join in on in this thread The second which this post will tell you all about is

The Legend Of Korra Book 1 Air Awards

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We did something similar to this last year with the whole series of ATLA which you can read about here Now with Book 1 of Korra over, I though this would be a great way to look back on the season as a whole. How this will work is that there are 27 Awards, you, the Avatar fandom will vote on them and in about 2 weeks, the voting will close and on a special episode of the podcast you will hear the results of all of the awards, with some discussion on each. So here are the 27 different Awards to vote on -Best Main Character (Between Korra, Bolin, Mako, Tenzin, Lin, Asami, Tarrlok and Amon)- -Best Minor Character (Every other character) - -Best Location- -Best Quote (name the character who says it)- -Best Animal- -Best Episode- -Funniest Moment- -Most Emotional Moment- -Best Fight- -Most Shocking Moment- -Best ATLA reference- -Weirdest/Most Random Moment- -Best Shipping/Romantic Moment- -Best Airbending Moment- -Best Earthbending Moment- -Best Waterbending Moment- -Best Firebending Moment- -Best non-bender fighting moment- -Most Attractive Male Character- -Most Attractive Female Character- -Best Technology- -Most disappointing thing about Korra- -Most surprising part of Korra- -Most Epic Moment- -Best Character Development- -Best Voice Actor- -Best Music Piece- So how do you vote ? Basically it is very simple, just copy and paste the list of awards above into a comment below and add in your choice for each and hit reply. For some awards you may need to further explain things such, like what scene your favourite bending moments happen in or where your music choice occurs. And of course the most disappointing moments and most surprising moments will require your own explanation. Only votes that vote on all categories will be counted and please 1 reply per person. Once the podcast is released There will also be a results post with pictures and so on :) So let the voting begin.