As the title says after close to 2 years of following production, The Legend Of Korra is going to have it’s television debut tomorrow.

It will air on Nickelodeon (just plain nick, not nicktoons) on April 14th at 11am EST.

While we have already seen the first 2 episodes, this television premiere is still extremely important, and I urge anyone who can to watch the show on tv and help give the show excellent ratings, even if you have already seen them, show nick that we are fully behind this show.

Just to reminisce a bit, lets have a look back at some firsts for Korra

Here is our first Image we got


Here is the first look at the show we got from SDCC 2011

Korra SDCC 2011 Trailer

Tomorrow Book 1 of Korra begins and it appears that the show will be airing weekly, happy watching everyone :)