We have  yet more character bios for our new Book 2 characters. This time from the Dark Into Light trivia site. [caption id="attachment_8027" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Book 2 logo 2 days away :)[/caption] I will not just copy and paste them here as we have seen the main jist of them before, so instead I will show what new stuff has been revealed.
  • Tonraq was banished from the Northern Tribe by his father for destroying a spirit forest, this led to Unalaq becoming chief.
  • Unalaq has been trying since he knew Tonraq's daughter was the Avatar to take her under his wing.
  • Eska becomes fascinated by Bolin's simple ways and  forces him to become her boyfriend
  • Varrick is the inventor of the moving picture and thinks himself a great director. When a civil war breaks out he creates anti north propaganda which star Bolin!
  • Bumi, among Aang and Katara's 3 kids he is the one who most encapsulates Aang's penguin sledding spirit. He required a lot of supervision when he was young. He likes telling tall tales.
  • Kya, the middle child. She has a personality right in the middle of her brothers, not as wild as Bumi, but not as serious as Tenzin. She had to keep the peace between her two brothers.
  • She travelled the world exploring, healing and studying. When her father died she returned to the South to be with her mother. She is usually sweet, but can become very bossy around her brothers.
Some very nice facts here. Thoughts?