At last something new on, a new Korra game. It is called Republic City Run and you can play it here

Korra Run

Basically it is a game where as Chibi Korra you run through Republic City and attempt to get the furthest distance possible while avoiding Equalists on foot, Motorbikes and crates of Cabbages. The controls are simple: Up to jump and Spacebar to bend ahead and take out crates or equalists. The catch is that you have a Chi meter and if you use airbending assisted jumps to long or bend to much you will waste it all. So to get a good score you need to keep an eye on your Chi Usage.

There is more to the game than that, there is a lot of various upgrades you can get to help you out in the game. Including tokens to summon Naga, Pabu or a Sky Bison or unlock master bending powers which have effects like healing.

Many may be interested in this game solely for it's Chibi Style artwork. You can see Korra, Naga, Pabu, Chi Blocker, Mecha Tank, Chi Blocker on Motorbike and possibly more in this game. The enemies seem to get stronger the further you go.

This is a simple, but amazingly fun game. I assure you, YOU WILL BE ADDICTED.

My highest score so far is 899


The first member to post a score higher than mine will get 1000 community points and the member with the highest score posted in the comments within the next 5 days will get 4000 points. You must prove your score with a screenshot.

 Now to end the post some select screenshots to give you an idea of what the game looks like in play.

Korra Run 2

Korra Run 3

Korra Run 4

Your thoughts on the game and what is your high score ?