Airspeed Prime here once again with a news article. This time I will be running down the release date information for North and South Part 1 as well as the various reviews and podcasts you will see covering the book once it is out.

Release Date Information

Avatar The Last Airbender - North and South Part 1 (of 3) northandsouthpart1   The book will be released this upcoming Wednesday, September 14th 2016, in comic stores. This date is only for comic stores! The price will be $10.99 or your regional equivalent. September 27th is the mass market release date where sites like Amazon will start to ship the book and regular book stores will get it in. This should also be the digital release date of the book. The 2 release dates always tend to confuse fans, just remember that comic stores always get the book 13 days before regular stores. So if you want the book day one, find your local comic store.

Coverage Information

You may now be wondering post release what the plan is with regards to reviews and so on. I was unable to get a reply from Dark Horse this time so I was not able to get an early review copy for this release, hence why you have not seen preview thoughts from me on the book. -The first coverage you will see on the site will be on the 14th (Day of Release), this will be my video review on youtube. It will feature some brief non-spoiler thoughts and then some full spoiler thoughts for most of the video. -The second piece of coverage will be my usual full spoiler written review. This will be up on the site on the 14th or 15th of September depending on how long it takes me to write. -The last main piece of coverage will be the Podcast review for the comic. On Sunday, September 18th we will record and release a North and South Part 1 Review Special episode of the Avatar Online Podcast. This will be a super in-depth review/readthrough where we will basically analyse the book page by page, you will not find a more in-depth review elsewhere! There will of course be the comment sections on each of these posts for more discussion, in addition to a forum thread which will be opened in the Comics section of our forum on release day. If you want this information in video/audio form, check out this video How excited are you for North and South Part 1?