Sokka from Avatar is a fifteen year old Water Tribe Warrior and strategist. He is extremely sarcastic and is definitely the most humorous member of Team Avatar, he is also the most intelligent and clever member of the group often referred to as "The Idea Guy", he becomes a very skilled warrior and Leader.In This article you will learn more about Sokka from Avatar. [caption id="attachment_2759" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka is a Young Water Tribe Warrior, he accompanies Aang on his Journey to save the world."]Sokka[/caption] Sokka is the Leader of team Avatar, because he is the one who plans their routes and their Timetable. He is the most sensible member of Team Avatar as Unlike Katara he does not let his emotions control him and he is always able to see the bigger picture and do what is right for the Group. Sokka has always been skeptical about bending thinking of it most of the time as "magic", he often feels helpless as he is the only member of Team Avatar who can't bend, but his friends alway know Sokka's important role in the group as their Idea guy, planner, Strategist and his Loyalty to his friends. He has a hatred of the Fire Nation for what they did to his Tribe and for killing his mother, he eventually realizes that not everyone in the Fire Nation is bad. While the death of his mother had a deep affect on him, his father leaving to fight in the war had an even greater affect, he was the oldest male in the Southern tribe left as the last defense for the tribe. His fathers last words before he left were for Sokka to look after and protect his sister Katara, he is very protective of Katara because of the task his father left him. Growing up as one of the only Males in his whole Village Sokka is Quite Sexist, thinking that Girls can't possibly be better warriors, he quickly learns that this is not the case and does not let his pride get in the way anymore. Sokka also has an incredible love of Meat. He and Katara accompany Aang on his mission to bring Balance to the world, along the way learning how to be a better warrior and Leader and a lot about Girls. Note: If you have not seen every episode there will be spoilers Sokka's early life [caption id="attachment_2781" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka hugs his Father just before he leaves to fight in the war, he is left behind and told to protect his Sister and the Tribe"]Young Sokka[/caption] Sokka is the First Born child of Chief Hakoda and Kya, he was born and grew up in the Southern Water Tribe. When Sokka was nine his mother was killed during a Fire Nation Raid on their tribe, he felt helpless for not being able to help protect his mother. He grew up and learned the skills to be a warrior, but before his training was finished his Father, with all the other men, to fight in the war, Leaving Sokka as the only Warrior left to defend the Tribe. His father leaving had a bigger effect on Sokka than the Death of his mother as he was told to Protect his sister, Katara and the whole tribe, this combined with his father not being there to bring him Ice dodging, to complete his journey to becoming a man. Not having any other Warrior to teach him, Sokka couldn't hone his skills and wasn't that good a warrior. He began to train the kids of the tribe to become warriors to very limited success. Because of his fathers leaving words he became very protective of Katara, and was always very dismissive of her practicing her Waterbending referring to it as "Magic", he grew to hate the Fire Nation for what they did to his family and longed to help to defeat them. Aang [caption id="attachment_2788" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka is easily beaten by Zuko, but knows that with his Sister and Aang they can beat anyone."]Sokka is defeated[/caption] While out Fishing, Sokka gets soaked by Katara practicing her Waterbending, he is angry at Katara for doing this "magic". They get caught in a current and end up stranded on a piece of ice, Sokka Blames Katara and her Waterbending for their situation, furious at Sokka being so inconsiderate she begins to shout at him telling him how she does everything while he plays Solider. She inadvertently Waterbends, cracking open the ice and revealing a Huge sphere of Ice with a glowing boy inside. Katara rushes to crack open the ice, Air vents out as the boy, still glowing, steps out of the ice. Sokka raises his spear to Protect Katara as she rushes to catch the boy. Sokka watches on suspicious of the boy as Katara helps him. The boy reveals his name is Aang and that he is an Airbender, he introduces them to his Flying Bison, Appa, Sokka non believing as ever thinks this is a joke and is displeased at there being another bender. They return to their Tribe and introduce everybody to Aang, Sokka is furious when Aang begins to play with his "soldiers" and wreck his snow battlements. Sokka notices a flare go off from the crashed Fire Nation ship, and " believes that Aang set it off on purpose, when Katara and Aang return he immediately banishes Aang from the village, Katara who has become close friends with Aang attempts to defend him even deciding to leave with him. Sokka convinces her to stay. Sokka then prepares for battle as the Fire Nation arrive, He confronts Prince Zuko and attacks but is easily dispatched multiple times, as the village is about to be destroyed Aang arrives atop a Penguin and reveals he is the Avatar, he convinces Zuko to spare the village if he goes gives himself up. Sokka now realizes that Aang is good and is the only hope to defeat the Fire Nation and decides to help Katara rescue him. They take Appa who proves Sokka wrong by flying and arrive at Zuko's ship to find Aang battling Zuko, Zuko knocks Aang into the Water. Suddenly Aang rises out of the Water, Glowing and takes out Zuko and his crew. Aang, Katara and Sokka escape on Appa with a mission, to help Aang to end the War and knock a few Fire Nation heads along the way. [caption id="attachment_2792" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka and Katara calm Aang down, they are his family now."]Sokka helps to calm down Aang[/caption] The group first heads to the Southern Air Temple in search of any remaining Air Nomads, Sokka realizes that Katara is trying to hide the truth of the Fire Nations extermination from Aang, he attempts to cheer up Aang by playing Air Ball with him, when Sokka sees a lone Flying Lemur he chases it looking to eat it while Aang chases it to keep it as a pet. They end up chasing it to the skeleton of Aang's friend and mentor Monk Gyatso, Aang really upset goes into the Avatar State and Katara and Sokka manage to calm him down by telling him that he and Katara are his family now. Aang takes the Lemur as a pet calling it Momo, Sokka becomes close friends with Momo. Girl Power [caption id="attachment_2793" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Suki shows Sokka that Girls can be Warriors too."]Suki beats Sokka[/caption] When Aang goes to ride on the back of a giant Koi fish he is attacked by a huge sea serpent he runs back to shore, just when they think they are safe they are ambushed and captured by a group of warriors. Their eye coverings are removed and they find themselves tied to a pole infront of a village, Sokka demands to know where the men who captured them are, but one of the girls reveals it was her and her warriors who did it. Sokka can't believe he was captured by girls and makes a few sexist remarks, they are let go when Aang reveals he is the Avatar. Sokka goes to the dojo to show off his own "moves" infront of the girls who capured him, the leader, Suki, offers to learn his moves but she easily floors him leaving Sokka to run off with his bruised pride. Sokka returns and apologizes to The Kyoshi Warriors for being so sexist, he asks for them to train him.They accept as long as he follows all their traditions. [caption id="attachment_2794" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Suki shows Sokka that Girls can be good Warriors while still being Girly."]Suki kisses Sokka[/caption] He now in the same Make-up and dress as them begins to train with Suki and eventually knocks her down, soon the Island is under attack from Zuko and his men, the Kyoshi Warriors and Sokka defend the village. Aang arrives and decides to leave so the Fire Nation will follow him away from the village, Suki tells Sokka to hurry and leave, but he says he must apologize first he tells her that he should have treated her like a warrior and not a girl, she says she is both and kisses Sokka goodbye. Sokka's trip to the Spirit World [caption id="attachment_2814" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka returns after his day in the Spirit world and is now in Dire need of a bathroom"]Sokka needs the Bathroom[/caption] When Team Avatar come to a town which is being constantly attacked by an angry Spirit, Aang finds out that is part of his duty as the Avatar to be the bridge between Humans and Spirits. Aang confronts the Spirit, Hei Bei, but it wont listen and attacks Aang. Sokka runs out to help but is captured by Hei Bei, Aang flies after them but Sokka is taken into the Spirit World (becoming one of a select few humans ever to enter the Spirit world, Iroh and the Avatars are Others). Little is known about what actually happened to Sokka while he was in the Spirit world for a day, all we do know is that there are no Bathrooms in the Spirit World. Aang eventually calms down Hei Bei and frees Sokka. [caption id="attachment_2815" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka is saved from a near Death Fall."]Sokka is saved[/caption] Sokka is nearly killed during Team Avatar's journey to the Fire Temple when he falls from Appa during an attack, luckily Aang steers Sokka to save his friend. Sokka also shows his amazing planning skills when he comes up with the Fake firebending using bombs plan to enter the temple, it fails but shows his intelligence. Jet [caption id="attachment_2816" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka proves his instincts are correct by seeing through Jet and stopping his plan by evacuating the Village."]Sokka saves the village[/caption] Aang and Katara are beginning to doubt Sokka's instincts after he gets them lost, he tries to prove them wrong but leads them straight into a Fire Nation Camp, they stand to fight as a group of " kids drop from the trees and Dispatches all the soldiers before Sokka can even take out one. Katara and Aang immediately begin to trust the group and their Leader Jet, but Sokka has his suspicions. He trusts Jet even less after he ambushes an Old Man, he attempts to tell Aang and Katara but they dismiss it as they just think Sokka is jealous of Jet's leadership abilities. That night Sokka overhears Jet planning to blow up the dam to destroy the nearby Fire Nation village, unfortunately Sokka is caught and brought,tied up, into the forest. Using his wits and the surroundings he leads Smellerbee and Pipsqueak into their own traps freeing himself, he then goes to evacuate the village. At first they don't believe him but the Old Man Sokka tried to stop jet from Attacking vouches for him and he saves the town. Aang and Sokka apologize to Sokka for not listening to him. [caption id="attachment_2817" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka and The Old Fisherman share a joke after being saved by Aang"]Sokka is saved again[/caption] Sokka is again almost killed when he and an Old Fisherman are caught in the middle of a huge Storm, Aang saves everyone using the Avatar State. Sokka and Fortunes [caption id="attachment_2820" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka becomes very disheartened when all Aunt Wu's predictions come true despite all of Sokka's protests."]Sokka becomes disheartened[/caption] When Team Avatar arrive at a town where everyone lives their lives according to what the Fortuneteller, Aunt Wu ,says, Sokka shows again how he doesn't believe in anything that cannot be explained logically. He constantly tries to prove her predictions wrong but fails constantly, this isn't helped when she prediccts he will make himself miserable all the time and this comes true. Also he misinterprets which girl Aang is trying to impress, and thinks it is Meng and not Katara, but his instincts come good when he and Aang discover the Volcano is about to erupt despite Aunt Wu's opposite prediction. Sokka becomes a Man [caption id="attachment_2850" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka finally gets to go Ice-Dodging, he passes and becomes a man"]Sokka steers the boat[/caption] Team Avatar come across signs of " Water Tribe warriors, they eventually find Bato , a friend Of Sokka and Katara's dad. Sokka and Katara become so interested in talking with Bato that they neglect Aang, who overhears Bato telling them that they can meet their Father if they Wait. Aang leaves thinking they will leave him and does not overhear them saying that their Duty to help Aang is more important. Aang receives a letter with the location of Hakoda and keeps it from Sokka and Katara. Then Bato decides to bring Sokka Ice-Dodging, a right of passage Sokka never had the chance to do because Hakoda left for War, Aang and Katara help Sokka to weave the boat through the Jagged rocks. Sokka has at last become a man. Aang then reveals that he has kept the message from them, Sokka and Katara leave Aang and go to find Hakoda. [caption id="attachment_2851" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka is happy that Team Avatar is back together."]Sokka is happy[/caption] As Bato escorts Katara and Sokka to where Hakoda is, he tells them about how he felt when the other Warriors had to leave him behind, this reminds Sokka of how he felt when His dad had to leave him to protect the tribe, left out. He then realizes how Aang must feel now and decides they must help him again. As they walk back to find Aang they are captured by Zuko and June with her Shirshu, Nyla. Aang comes to the abbey and begins to fight Zuko, Sokka and Katara are woken up and Sokka decides to use the perfume to confuse Nyla, Katara bends the perfume and soaks Nyla who begins to lash out wildly paralyzing everyone she hits. Zuko and June are hit and Team Avatar escape on Appa. [caption id="attachment_2852" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka tackles Aang to the ground and gives out to him for Burning Katara"]Sokka gives out to Aang[/caption] Sokka shows how protective he is of Katara when he gives out to Aang for Burning Katara. Sokka the Inventor [caption id="attachment_2853" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka and The Mechanist look on as the Ravine explodes, stopping the Fire Nation"]Sokka and The Mechanist[/caption] Sokka shows how intelligent he is when he along with the Mechanist solves some problems , they figure out how to make the War Balloon work properly, they invent the first ever mercaptan when they use the smell of Rotten eggs to give natural gas a smell. When the Fire Nation attack the Northern Air Temple Sokka show how good his instincts and Plans are when he tosses the Balloon fuel source into the Ravine where the Natural gas leak was, causing an explosion and stopping the Fire Nation advance. The Northern Water Tribe [caption id="attachment_2854" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka immediately falls for Yue."]Sokka likes Yue[/caption] Team Avatar finally arrive at the Northern Water Tribe and are given a tour of the city, Sokka sees Princess Yue and instantly falls for her. A feast is thrown for them as they are honored guests and also because it is Yue's 16th Birthday, Sokka sits beside her and tells her he is like The prince of his Tribe and asks her to "Do an activity",she agrees and they meet on the bridge. Sokka presents her with a carved fish, but Yue thinks it is a bear she then runs off telling Sokka that meeting him was a mistake. Sokka is left confused by Yue's mixed messages and angry, he throws the fish in the water. Later when Pakku reveals that he was engaged to marry Sokka and Katara's grandmother, Katara realizes that Gran Gran refused because she wouldn't the tribes silly traditions rule her life, upon hearing this Yue runs off in tears, Sokka follows her. Sokka tells her that she is beautiful and tells her that he understands that a princess would never want to be with a Southern peasant , she stops him and Kisses him, Sokka now extremely confused asks Yue what the problem is. Yue then reveals that she really likes Sokka but that she is in an arranged marriage and they cannot be together. Under Siege [caption id="attachment_2865" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka realizes that the Soot signals a Fire Navy invasion."]Sokka sees the Soot[/caption] Sokka brings Yue for a ride on Appa, and they are about to kiss when they notice that the snow is black, Black with soot, Sokka remembers that this is a sign that the Fire Nation is coming to invade and judging by the amount it is a huge invasion force. Sokka tells the Northern Tribe about the invasion and they all prepare for War, Sokka volunteers for Chief Arnook's dangerous mission to go undercover and infiltrate The Fire Navy. At the mission briefing Sokka proves how knowledgeable he is about the Fire Navy when he informs them that the uniforms they stole are severely out of date, he is then asked to advise Hahn,who is Who Yue is engaged to and who is leading the mission, about Admiral Zhao. Sokka immediately finds out that Hahn is a jerk who doesn't care about Yue and only wants to marry her so he can eventually become Chief, Sokka and Hahn get into a fight and Arnook breaks them up and takes Sokka off the mission. Chief Arnook then tells Sokka that he actually took Sokka off the mission so he could protect Yue. [caption id="attachment_2866" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Yue as the Moon Spirit comes back to say goodbye To Sokka."]Sokka kisses Yue[/caption] Sokka and Yue on Appa arrive at the Spirit oasis to find Katara unconscious and Aang gone, Katara to go after Zuko to get Aang back. They follow Aang's spirit to find his body, they arrive and Katara defeats Zuko with ease. They now with the captured Zuko return to the Spirit Oasis to find Zhao holding the Moon Spirit in a bag, he puts it back in the water and then kills it. The moon vanishes and Yue falls to the ground, Aang then goes into the Avatar State and joins with the Ocean Spirit and proceeds to take out the Fire Navy fleet. Iroh realizes that Yue has been touched by the Moon Spirit and Yue decides that since it gave her life it is time for her to give it back. Sokka attempts to stop her as it his duty but she puts her hands on the dead Koi fish and transfers her spirit into the fish, her body disappears and the Koi fish glows, the Spirit of Yue who is now the Moon Spirit appears and tells Sokka that she will always be with him and Kisses him farewell. " After the victorious battle Chief Arnook tells Sokka that he always knew that Yue would give her life to become the Moon, Sokka tells him that he must be sad Arnook replies that he is but also sad. Sokka would always think about not being able to protect Yue, even though it wasn't his fault and Yue chose to give her life back to the Moon Spirit. Into The Earth Kingdom [caption id="attachment_2867" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Facepalm, Sokka's thoughts on his time with Chong and the Nomads"]Sokka facepalms[/caption] Team Avatar depart from the Northern Water Tribe and head for the Earth Kingdom so Aang can find an Earthbending Teacher, Aang decides that they should head to Omashu . While relaxing at a stream they are approached by a group of Nomads, Sokka is instantly annoyed by them especially their leader Chong who is way too relaxed for Sokka's tastes. To Sokka's despair he is separated from Aang, Katara and Appa and left alone with all the Nomads,when the cave to Omashu caves in, they get on his nerves constantly with their Music. They come to his Aid when their Music calms down some Badgermoles, who they then ride out of the Cave on. Sokka's forehead is bright red for some reason and when Chong dimly points out that he thinks Aang is the Avatar, Sokka Facepalms , revealing that Sokka had done that a lot of times in the Cave. [caption id="attachment_2877" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka gets an idea to use the marks from the Purple Pentapox to create the fake disease "Pentapox" to evacuate Omashu"]Sokka with Pentapox[/caption] When Team Avatar make it into Omashu which is under Fire Nation Control, Sokka comes up with the idea to use the purple pentapus to give all the citizens the made up disease "Pentapox" , when all the villagers are run out of the city Sokka stays with Katara and Aang to help with the trade of Tom Tom for King Bumi, there they have their first of many encounters with "Ozai's Angels" Azula, Mai and Ty Lee. Sokka gets his chi blocked by Ty Lee during the fight, but they eventually escape when Appa turns the tide of the battle, But now Aang must find a new Earthbending teacher. Visions in the Swamp [caption id="attachment_2878" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka is shocked to see a vision of Yue, it brings back bad memories for him of not being able to protect her."]vision of yue[/caption] When Team Avatar are sucked into a mysterious Swamp they are separated, Sokka sees a vision of Yue she tells Sokka that he didn't protect her, this brings back bad memories of not being able to fulfil his duty at the North Pole. Later Huu's words about Death Being an Illusion seem to help Sokka get over the Vision, but he will still always try to Protect those he cares about. Sokka, Private investigator [caption id="attachment_2879" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sleuth Sokka uses his Bubble Pipe as he thinks about Aang's case"]bubble pipe[/caption] When Aang is put in prison by a town angry at the Avatar because Avatar Kyoshi Killed their leader Chin the great many years ago, Sokka becomes "Sleuth Sokka" partly because he had lost his Boomerang and by extension his identity. He wears a hat, telescoping monacle and a bubble pipe(which is epic) and begins to talk like a stereotypical detective. He and Katara discover a lot of evidence to prove Aang innocent, but this is all undone when Kyoshi appears and confesses. Aang proves himself to be good when he saves the town from the Rough Rhinos, Sokka finds his boomerang and is back to his usual self. [caption id="attachment_2880" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="When Sokka attends Earth Rumble 6 he is transformed into a rabbid Earthbending fan."]Sokka becomes a fan Of Earth Rumble[/caption] When Team Avatar attends Earth Rumble 6 Sokka becomes obsessed with The Boulder and gets really into it hurling insults at the other competitors, He also wears the championship belt when Aang beats Toph, he then buys a Bag which matches the belt. When Toph joins Team Avatar to teach Aang Earthbending she wins the belt back. Tired and Stuck [caption id="attachment_2884" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Once again Sokka has his Chi blocked by Ty Lee."]Sokka is paralyzed again[/caption] When Team Avatar are being chased by Azula, Mai and Ty Lee they don't get any sleep and all become sleep deprived, eventually Mai and Ty Lee fight Sokka and Katara, Sokka is again paralyzed by Ty lee and Saved by Appa. [caption id="attachment_2885" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka introduces Aang to his new friend Foo Foo Cuddlypoops"]Sokka and Foo Foo[/caption] Then When Toph Starts to Teach Aang EarthBending Sokka goes out hunting, he comes across a baby sabertooth mouse-lion cub and goes to attack it but ends up stuck in a hole, he begins to bond with the Animal even giving it a name Foo Foo Cuddlypoops, he tells the creature he will give up eating meat and his sarcasm if he gets out of the hole, Sokka's plans immediately change when Aang arrives and he asks him if he has any meat. After Aang learns to stand his ground and Earthbend Toph gets him out of the hole. The Library [caption id="attachment_2909" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka enthusiastically presents his Awsome knot To Wan Shi Tong"]Sokka's amazing Knot[/caption] Team Avatar are all taking mini vacations, Katara decides they should go to the Misty Palms Oasis. They arrive to find it in a sorry state of repair, they go into the local bar where they meet Professor Zei who tells them of a Library he is looking for, Sokka immediately wants to go and find it to look for information to defeate the Fire Nation. After a while of searching on Appa they discover it is mostly buried under the sand but intact inside, Aang, Katara, Professor Zei and Sokka enter. They are confronted by Wan Shi Tong The Knowledge Spirit who will allow them to browse his collection if they submit something to it and don't use the information for Violence. Sokka offers a unique knot which The Spirit begrudgingly accepts, Sokka goes straight to look for anything about the Fire Nation, he is shocked to find it all destroyed with Burn Marks everywhere. [caption id="attachment_2911" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka discovers the date of the next Solar Eclipse."]Eclipse[/caption] He finds only a single piece of parchment undamaged, it has a date and it says it was The Darkest Day In Fire Nation History, one of the Knowledge Seekers leads them to a planetarium, there Sokka enters the Date and discovers that it was the Date of a Solar Eclipse, and Fire Benders lose their bending during a Solar Eclipse, Sokka excited says the Fire Nation are going down, but this is overheard by Wan Shi Tong who is furious at them for abusing his knowledge, he starts to bring the library down and chase Team Avatar. Sokka and Aang go back to the planetarium to find the date of the next Solar Eclipse, they discover the next one is at the End of Summer just a few months Away, Sokka notes the date and they escape, but Professor Zei opts to stay in the library with all the knowledge. Outside they discover Appa has been taken. The Incident with The Cactus Juice [caption id="attachment_2919" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka hallucinating on Cactus Juice tells us that it's the Quenchiest."]Sokka on Cactus Juice[/caption] After exiting the Library Team Avatar are stranded and left with little hope now that Appa has been kidnapped. They wander through the Desert and are in dire need of Water, when Sokka spots some Cacti he goes straight over and cuts off a bit and drinks the Liquid inside, Immediately he begins to hallucinate becoming the spokesperson for Cactus Juice "It's the quenchiest !" , they discover a crashed sand sailer and use its compass to head out of the desert. They soon find that they are in fact heading for the centre of the desert, they come to a massive rock with a cave atop it and enter the cave. Sokka's head begins to clear , but he then grabs a handful of the goo stuck to the walls of the cave and eats it, he begins to hallucinate again. They are then attacked by Buzzard Wasps but are saved when Sandbenders arrive and scare them off. They then discover that some of the Sandbenders sold Appa to some traders and that he is most likely in Ba Sing Se. Reunion with Suki [caption id="attachment_2925" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka kisses Suki before she leaves to return to the rest of the Kyoshi Warriors"]Sokka kisses Suki[/caption] As Team Avatar make their way to Ba Sing Se , Sokka plans their route and finds that the only way is through The Serpents Pass, A group of Earth Kingdom Refugees appears and tells them their is a ferry to Ba Sing Se. They head to the Full Moon Bay Ferry Station where they find that Suki is working as a Guard there, she greets Sokka with a Kiss and they tell her of their journeys since they last met. The refugees Passports and tickets are taken so Aang decides that he will guide them through the Serpents Pass. Suki joins them as they enter the Serpents Pass, Sokka begins to Act very overprotective of her because he failed to protect Yue, Suki confronts him about this and he tells her that he couldn't protect someone at The North Pole and that he can't let that happen to anyone else. Suki tells him that she missed him and goes to kiss him, Sokka says he can't and that its not her fault. Suki proves she doesn't need protecting when she save Toph from drowning. When they exit the Serpents pass Suki reveals that she must return to the other Kyoshi Warriors,Sokka then realizes she came to protect him, and goes to apologize to Sokka for the previous night but is interrupted when Sokka kisses her. She leaves and Team Avatar spot Ba Sing Se's great walls in the distance. Taking Out The Drill [caption id="attachment_2926" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka uses the Drill's schematic to plan its downfall."]Sokka's plan[/caption] Team Avatar arrive at Ba Sing Se to find it under attack from a giant Fire Nation Drill, after General Sung's failed attacks Team Avatar move to take out the Drill. Toph stays outside as everyone else enters the Drill, Sokka immediately goes to find the Drill's schematic , he finds an engineer and they take the schematic, Sokka quickly examines the plans and decides they need to cut through the Connecting braces, he screams encourgement at Aang and Katara as they cut through the braces using waterbending. Sokka then tells Katara to use waterbending to hold back the Slurry and build up pressure inside the drill so when Aang delivers the final blow it will destroy the Drill. Sokka's plan succeeds and Ba Sing Se is safe for now. [caption id="attachment_2927" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka and Aang make it into the party disguised as Busboys"]Sokka and Aang as Busboys[/caption] Sokka then pulls off an amazing busboy disguise and is let into " Bosco's party, Him and his friends eventually discover Long Feng's conspiracy in the city and that he has Appa captive. Haiku Sokka [caption id="attachment_2928" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka oddly excels at Haiku's, only messing up when he gets too overconfident."]Sokka in Haiku School[/caption] While out exploring Ba Sing Se Sokka comes across a Haiku class full of girls, he watches them through the window but falls in and apologizes in a Haiku, everyone but the teacher laughs, she tells him that he just said a Haiku and that it is a difficult art to master. Sokka finds it easy and gets into a Haiku fight with the teacher and eventually comes out on top, but while celebrating he adds an extra syllable immediately getting thrown out of the school. Lake Laogai [caption id="attachment_2936" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Team Avatar are reunited with Appa, Sokka is at last, back with his close friend"]Team Avatar are reunited with Appa[/caption] Team Avatar are making posters to aid their search for Appa, Sokka shows how bad he is at drawing with his terrible posters as Aang and Katara arrive with amazing printed posters. They go out to put them up around the city, Sokka runs to Katara when he hears the sound of her Waterbending, he arrives to find Katara pinning Jet to a wall with ice. He tells them that he can help them find Appa, Toph tells them he is telling the truth and reluctantly they decide to Trust him. He leads them to a warehouse which is empty, but they find a tuft of Appa's fur, outside they are confronted by Smellerbee and Longshot who reveal that Jet had been arrested by the Dai Li a few weeks previous, Toph says they are all telling the truth and Sokka quickly concludes that Jet has been brainwashed. Katara uses her healing on Jet's head and he remembers a secret base under Lake Laogai. Team Avatar now with Jet, Smellerbee and Longshot enter the base under the lake and are soon confronted by Long Feng and his Dai Li, Aang and Jet chase Long Feng as Sokka and everyone else deal with the Dai Li. When they catch up with Aang and Jet they find Jet mortally wounded and Long Feng gone, Katara and Toph realize that Jet will die and Smellerbee and Longshot tells them that they will stay with Jet and tells them to go after Appa. After finding Appa's cell empty they head for the Surface but are trapped by huge Earth Walls and the Dai Li. As the Dai Li and Long Feng are about to attack, Appa appears and smashes the walls then hurls Long Feng across the Lake. Team Avatar are at last reunited with Appa. Convincing The Earth King [caption id="attachment_2937" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka with his Positive attitude thinks he can Kick a huge Door down, He is Wrong."]Sokka heading for the Door[/caption] After being reunited with Appa, Sokka has developed a more positive attitude, he Wants to keep their luck going and get the information about the Eclipse to the Earth King. His friends agree and they head straight for the Palace, they plough their way through the palace guards and enter the Palace, Sokka takes a flying leap at the Throne Room's door and kicks it, sadly he fails, but Aang then takes down the door with Airbending. Long Feng and The Dai Li are standing beside the Earth King, Aang begins to tell the King about the conspiracy and the War but the King doesn't believe him, Sokka then shows his intelligence when he tells the King that Long Feng has Bite marks from Appa proving that he capured Appa. The king begins to trust them but still wan't believe the War, They then show him the Drill finally proving themselves completely to The King, he has Long Feng arrested. Sokka then tells him about the Comet and the Eclipse and King Kuei agrees that they need to invade the Fire Nation during the Eclipse. [caption id="attachment_2938" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka thanks Katara for telling him go to see their Dad"]Sokka thanks Katara[/caption] General How shows them all Letters that were intercepted: Aang must go to the Eastern Air Temple to meet Guru Pathik so he can Master the Avatar State, Toph must go to see her mother in the city and Sokka and Katara now know where their dad is. They all decide to Split up for now, Toph will go to see her mother and Aang will drop Sokka off at Chameleon Bay to see Hakoda on his way to Guru Pathik. Sokka is so happy that he will be seeing his dad and thanks Katara for letting HIM go. The Earth King informs them that they Kyoshi Warriors are arriving, Sokka delighted that Suki is back tells The King they are allies, They all have a group Hug before Aang and Sokka leave. Sokka and Aang discuss how well things are going now and that they have girls waiting for them back in Ba Sing Se. Reunion with Hakoda [caption id="attachment_2941" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka is reunited with his father after 2 long years."]Father-Son reunion[/caption] Aang and Sokka arrive at Chameleon Bay, Sokka is very nervous , but Aang calms him down and leaves saying they will meet back up in a week. Sokka walks into the Water Tribe base and is greeted welcomingly by the other Warriors they point to a tent at the back of the base, Sokka enters the tent to find Bato, Some other warriors and Hakoda inside, Hakoda sees Sokka and they embrace. Sokke begins to help his father prepare Tangle Mines, an invention of Hakoda's, " Hakoda says he has called the operation "The Stink and sink" Sokka bursts out laughing, to which Bato notes how similar father and son are. A scouting party then returns and informs them about 4 Fire Navy ships in the area, Hakoda springs into command telling the men to prepare for battle, Sokka stands still as he still thinks that his father thinks he is too young for battle, he asks what he should do and Hakoda tells him to prepare for battle too like the other Warriors, Sokka is delighted that his father now considers him a Warrior. Sokka prepares to board the Ship and tells his dad that he will make him proud and prove he is a great warrior, Hakoda says he is already proud and that he knew Sokka would be a great Warrior, Just then Aang arrives on Appa with a worried look on his face, Sokka realizes he is needed elsewhere and says goodbye to his father again. Battle for The Earth Kingdom [caption id="attachment_2942" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka is shocked to see Iroh come to them looking for help."]shocked Sokka[/caption] Aang and Sokka rush back to Ba Sing Se to see if Katara is alright, on the way they Spot Toph also heading for Ba Sing Se after her meting with her mother was a trap set by Xin Fu and Master Yu. They arrive and are told by the Earth King that Katara is alright but return to their house to find Katara missing, just then someone arrives at the Door. Iroh tells them that Azula is in the City and that she has captured Zuko, Aang agrees to help Iroh and Sokka eventually agrees too, Iroh reveals he has captured a Dai Li agent he tells them that Katara and Zuko are being held in an underground cave. [caption id="attachment_2943" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka looks back at the Fallen Earth Kingdom"]Sokka looks at the Earth Kingdom[/caption] Sokka decides that he and Toph should warn The Earth King of the Coup, they arrive at the palace just in time to see General How get captured, they enter the Throne Room and discover the Kyoshi Warriors are Mai , Ty Lee and Azula in disguise, after a quick fight Sokka and Toph give up when Azula puts the King under Flame-Point. They are placed in a metal prison with The Earth King, Toph then reveals her new ability,Metalbending which she uses to break them out. They head to the throne room to get Bosco, Toph immobilizes Ty Lee and Mai just gives up. Team Avatar then Escape On Appa, but they are defeated, Aang is revived by Katara's Spirit Oasis Water as they flee with Bosco and The Earth King from Ba Sing Se, Which has now fallen along with the Earth Kingdom to the Fire Nation. Undercover [caption id="attachment_2946" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Team Avatar share a Group hug as they decide to travel the Fire Nation together."]Team Avatar group hug[/caption] Immediately after the loss at Ba Sing Se, Team Avatar drop off " Bosco and King Kuei who decide to travel the world in disguise. They then Meet up With Hakoda and Bato at Chameleon Bay, and then meet some of their friends from around the Earth Kingdom, they then capture a Fire Navy ship and are using it to keep under the radar. When Aang wakes up after weeks of unconsciousness Sokka tells him that the whole world thinks he is Dead and that is their secret Weapon, Aang begins to freak out, then Aang runs away, Sokka ,Katara and Toph on Appa find Aang washed up on Crescent Island there they agree to travel through the Fire Nation in disguise until the Day of the new smaller invasion during the Eclipse. Wang Fire [caption id="attachment_2947" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Fire Family"]Wang Fire[/caption] Team Avatar enter the Fire Nation, they steal some clothes so they can blend in and they then decide to make camp in a cave. While out exploring the city Aang is forced to go to school, his friends don't know where he is. When Aang returns revealing he was at school, Sokka is absolutely shocked, Aang convince him it is a good thing by using Sokka's love of secret rivers to his advantage. Later Aang gets into trouble in school and has to bring his parents in for a meeting, Katara and Sokka put on disguises adopting the roles of Aang's Parents: Mr Wang Fire and Mrs Sapphire Fire , Sokka really gets into his role threatening Aang with the punishment of a lifetime, he likes it so much he doesn't take off the beard. Aang then throws a Dance party for his classmates so they can learn to express themselves , after the kids help Aang escape from the Teachers who appear at the party, Katara kisses Anag on the Cheek to which Sokka says "Flameo Sir Flameo", he still has his beard on. The Painted Lady [caption id="attachment_2948" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka tells Katara how Angry he is at her for risking the group to help the town."]Angry Sokka[/caption] Sokka shows how different he is to Katara when she wants to help a small fishing town being badly affected by a Fire Nation factory, he thinks it is better for the group if they don't draw attention to themselves. Katara goes ahead and dresses up as a Spirit, The Painted Lady anyway and helps the town. When he finds out he scolds Katara for risking the group but she just says she will never turn her back on those who need her. Sokka eventually helps rid the Town of The Fire Nation. The Sword [caption id="attachment_2949" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka's Space Sword"]Space Sword[/caption] A meteorite hits a forest near a village and starts a forest Fire, Team Avatar rush to put it out, Aang, Katara and Toph use their bending to help even Appa and Momo help too, Sokka feels helpless and useless for not being able to help, his friends assure him he is just as valuable a member as any of them. They bring him shopping for weapons to cheer him up, after a number of mishaps with various weapons Sokka decides he wants to learn Swordsmanship. The shopkeeper tells them a master of the sword Piandao lives nearby. Sokka immediately goes and tells Piandao he is not worthy, Piandao agrees to teach him to Sokka's shock. Piandao begins to instruct Sokka in Painting, Calligraphy, Rock Gardening and sparring against his Servant Fat.Sokka is not good at these tasks but does them in his own unique way, he gradually begins to master Sword fighting until Piandao tells him it is time to make his own Sword. Sokka decides he wants his sword to be Unique and brings the Meteorite to make his sword out of. He works tirelessly and makes an Amazing Black Sword. [caption id="attachment_2950" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka uses his Youth and Cleverness to hold his own against Piandao"]Agility[/caption] Piandao presents Sokka with his Sword and tells him that he has never seen such a Unique and creative Student before, Sokka then come out with the truth that he is from the Water Tribe. Piandao then Attacks him and this begins a Swordfight, Piandao is clearly the more skilled fighter but Sokka is more clever and Agile, " Sokka uses his speed to his advantage and holds his own against Piandao until he disarms Sokka, he then stops the fight telling Sokka he knew he was Water Tribe all along. He tells Sokka that the art of the Sword does not belong to one nation and gives Sokka his sword back along with a bag with A White Lotus Pai Cho Tile. [caption id="attachment_2953" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka reluctantly agrees to hold hands with his friends as they agree that Friendships can last more than one lifetime."]Uncaring Sokka[/caption] When Aang tells his friends the Story of the start of the war and the Demise of Avatar Roku, he reveals that Roku was great friends with Gyatso like him, Toph wonders if friendships can last more than one life time, everyone but Sokka agrees, he says there is no scientific evidence but he eventually gives in and they all hold hands. Scamming [caption id="attachment_2954" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka's not so sneaky sneak attack."]Sneak attack[/caption] Aang is training with his friends, Toph accidentally hits Katara with a rock and they begin to fight, Aang blindfolded has no idea whats happening, Sokka seeing his chance attacks Aang screaming "SNEAK ATTACK" , Aang lifts a hand and blocks Sokka easily with an Earth wall. " Aang, Sokka and Toph go into town to spend their last Silver piece, Toph sees a chance to make more money, Street gambling games. Using her blindness to make the guy go easy on her she makes another coin, she then uses her Earthbending to win the game as the guy cheats, they return to camp with 40 silver pieces. Katara begins to worry they might be caught and asks them to stop. Toph ignores Katara and does even more scams, winning loads of money, she evenm pretends to get run over by a cart and Sokka dresses as a Fire Nation Soldier to get money for not arresting him. [caption id="attachment_2955" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka and Toph have a heart to heart talk."]Sokka and Toph talk[/caption] Sokka uses some of the money to buy a messenger hawk which he names Hawky, he then discovers a wanted poster for Toph which is calling her "The Runaway". He confronts her about it, but she give him a bag of money to make some armor for Appa and buy an expensive atlas(Another of Sokka's loves), and to keep the poster quiet. Katara finds the poster and she and Toph have a massive argument and refuse to speak to each other. Sokka and Aang use Hawky to send an apology from Toph to Katara but they forget Toph can't write. Sokka then decides he needs to have a 1-on-1 chat with Toph to heal the rift. He tells Toph that Katara is so strong and he is so dependant on her, but that now whenever he thinks of his mom he only sees Katara. He manages to get Toph to admit that she does indeed like Katara, unknown to them Katara has overheard this conversation. [caption id="attachment_2956" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka and Aang are left absolutely Shocked when Katara suggests a scam. so much so they Foam at the mouth."]Foaming, Sokka and Aang[/caption] Katara and Toph make up and agree to pull a massive scam together,Leaving Sokka and Aang on the ground foaming. This goes wrong and soon Aang and Sokka are attacked by "Sparky Sparky Boom Man" ,Katara and Toph escape and they all flee on Appa. Sokka renames their foe Combustion Man. Puppets [caption id="attachment_2957" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka and Aang are nearly both killed when Hama uses Bloodbending on them."]Sokka is bloodbended[/caption] When Team Avatar meet a kind old Innkeeper, Hama, she lets them stay in her Inn. Sokka is immediately suspicious of her and soon begins to snoop around her house, he comes across a locked Door with a locked Box inside and breaks in. As he is about to open the box she arrives back and reveals she is also from the Southern Water Tribe. She tells them her story about being captured by the Fire Nation and being the only one to escape, Sokka wonders why she won't say how she escaped. Aang, Sokka and Toph begin to investigate disappearances that have been happening under the Full Moon, they ask Old Man Ding what happened when he was almost captured, he tells them he was drawn towards the mountain. They make it to the mountain and discover all the people imprisoned in the Mountain, and that Hama was the one who captured them, Sokka and Aang head off to help Katara. Aang and Sokka arrive to find Katara and Hama fighting she then uses Bloodbending on them and make them fight each other and as they are about to kill each other they suddenly Stop, because Katara has used bloodbending on Hama. The villagers imprison Hama and Team Avatar moves on. [caption id="attachment_2958" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka pretends to be a therapist in order to calm Aang down."]Therapist Sokka[/caption] When Aang begins to get really nervous leading up to the Invasion, Sokka attempts to calm him down by giving him therapy sessions, using his Wang Fire beard again.Sadly he fails, but they eventually calm him down by telling him they believe in him. The Invasion [caption id="attachment_2961" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka Gets nervous as he Gives his invasion Speech"]Nervous Sokka[/caption] The Day of the Invasion has arrived, and Team Avatar meet up with the Invasion Force. They are reunited with many of their old friends: Hakoda, Bato, Huu, Due, Tho, Haru,Tyro, The Mechanist, Teo, Pipsqueak and The Duke. The Mechanist reveals that he has been working on Weapons for the invasion that Sokka designed including the Submarines, Tanks and Eclipse glasses. Sokka then gets up to give the Invasion force the Battle plan, but he gets really nervous and confuses everyone, Hakoda gets up and helps his son out he manages to inspire the men and get the plan across. He tells Aang that he thinks he failed, but Anag assures him that he will prove him self in the battle. [caption id="attachment_2962" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka, Now in charge of the invasion, Orders a charge on the Palace"]Sokka orders the charge[/caption] The Invasion force then Heads for the Fire Nation, Using the Subs they make it through the Great Gates Of Azulon and onto the Beach. The attack begins and Sokka decides they need to take out the battlements, he and Katara take out one but Hakoda is injured taking out the other, Sokka takes command of the Invasion force ordering a Wedge Formation for their charge on the Palace City. [caption id="attachment_2967" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka and his friends are shocked to find Azula waiting for them"]Sokka is shocked[/caption] Aang returns and informs Sokka that the Palace city is abandoned and the Fire Lord is not there, Sokka and Hakoda decide to go ahead with the Invasion, Sokka, Toph and Aang go in search of " the Fire Lords hiding place. Toph uses her Earthbending to locate a bunker in the middle of a volcano, they enter and make their way to the Throne Room only to find Azula waiting for them. She tells them that she knew about the Invasion for months, then Dai Li agents appear and attack them, Azula flees and Team Avatar follow. " They defeat the Dai Li but realize that Azula is just wasting their time. [caption id="attachment_2968" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka demands Azula tell him where Suki is"]Sokka demands to know where Suki is[/caption] Azula then tells Sokka that Suki, now her prisoner always talked about Sokka, and hoped he would come to save her. Sokka unusually gets furious and goes to attack Azula, Toph senses a knife in Azula's hand and immobilizes her, Sokka threatens her asking where Suki is. Azula senses the eclipse is over and Firebends and escapes. " Aang suggest he can fight the Fire Lord anyway but Sokka tells him he will have another chance. [caption id="attachment_2969" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka says goodbye to his Father, just before they flee from the invasion"]Sokka says farewell[/caption] Sokka orders a retreat to the Subs, just as Fire Nation War Ships and War Balloons appear and destroy the Subs. Sokka realizes not everyone will escape, Hakoda suggest the Kids escape on Appa and the adults surrender. Sokka and Katara say a sad farewell to their dad as they along with Aang, Toph , Haru , Teo and The Duke escape defeated On Appa, they head for the Western Air Temple. The Western Air Temple [caption id="attachment_2970" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka finds it awkward now that Zuko has joined the Group."]Sokka and Zuko[/caption] Zuko appears to the group and asks them to let him Join as he is good now, Sokka says no because of all the past things he has done and when Zuko reveals he sent Combustion Man after them he is furious at him telling him to leave or they will attack. Later when Combustion Man attacks them Zuko tries to call him off to protect them. Sokka uses his Boomerang and hits Combustion Man in the Third Eye causing his attack to backfire killing him. He then agrees to let Zuko join the group because Aang agrees. Sokka finds it really weird, being friendly with Zuko. He eventually begins to become friends with Zuko, often teasing him with sarcastic comments, calling Firebending "Jerkbending". [caption id="attachment_2971" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka tries to make Zuko Angry to little success."]Sokka tries to get Zuko angry[/caption] When Zuko loses his Firebending because his Firebending is not fueled by anger, Sokka tries to help by poking him to make Zuko angry. It doesn't work. The Boiling Rock [caption id="attachment_2972" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka spots Suki in the Yard and creates an escape plan"]Sokka spots Suki[/caption] Sokka is thinking about his dad and the invasion force and goes to ask Zuko where she would have been brought. He tells him that they would have been brought to The Boiling Rock prison, the highest security prison in the Fire Nation. Sokka then sneaks on to Appa at night only to find Zuko waiting for him, they both decide to go but Zuko suggests they use the War Balloon. They are very awkward together but manage to find something to talk about, Girlfriends, Zuko tells Sokka about having to Leave Mai, and Sokka tells Zuko that his first girlfriend turned into the Moon. They soon arrive at the prison, destroy the balloon and put on guard disguises. They look around but are forced to escort a prisoner to the Cooler as punishment, they put the prisoner, Chit Sang in the cooler, Sokka notices that the cooler is insulated. Zuko tells Sokka that he asked about Water Tribe prisoners but that there are none here, Sokka then notices Suki in the Yard. [caption id="attachment_2973" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka sees his father and must forget his previous plan"]Sokka spots Hakoda[/caption] Sokka goes into Suki's cell and tells her he is breaking her out, they Kiss, but outside Zuko is forced to reveal himself to protect Sokka from being caught. Sokka then meets Suki and Zuko while they are both mopping and discusses the plan, to use the Cooler as a boat, Chit Sang hears this and wants in on the plan, they reluctantly agree. Chit Sang and Zuko stage a fight and Zuko is put in the cooler, he uses his breath of fire and a wrench to unbolt the cooler. Sokka then meets Zuko where they hear that a new group of prisoner are coming in, This puts the plan in doubt as it might be the invasion force. They remove the Cooler and meet up with Suki and Chit Sang who has brought his 2 friends too, Sokka, Suki and Zuko agree to stay just in case Hakoda come in. Chit Sang and his friends take the cooler to escape, but are spotted when Chit Sang touches the boiling lake. Sokka looks on as the new prisoners Arrive, his Father steps off the gondola. [caption id="attachment_2974" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Hakoda, Suki and Chit Sang are rescued from The Boiling Rock"]Reunion[/caption] Sokka looks on as his Father is very stubborn with the Warden, he trips him up causing Sokka to laugh. Sokka finds Hakoda's cell and they have another reunion they then come up with a new escape plan, he then goes to tell Zuko and Suki of the plan, to start a riot, capture the warden and take the Gondola out. Sokka is then put in a lineup with other guards as Chit Sang is asked to identify who helped him escape, fortunately he chooses another guard. He then meets with Hakoda and Suki, they try and fail to start a riot until Chit Sang appears and starts one with ease. Zuko joins them as Suki single handedly captures the warden, they all board the gondola. They are suddenly attacked by Azula and Ty Lee, Ty Lee fight Suki as Zuko and Sokka fight Azula. The warden manages to call for the lines to be cut, Azula and Ty Lee flee as Mai appears and manages to stop the lines from being cut, allowing Sokka and friends to escape. They steal Azula's warship and return to the Air Temple with Suki, Hakoda and Chit Sang. Sokka is delighted his father and Girlfriends are back with him. [caption id="attachment_2975" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka expecting Suki for "Activities" is shocked when Zuko appears."]Sokka expecting Suki[/caption] When Azula attacks the Western Air Temple, Team Avatar are forced to split up again, Sokka, Aang, Toph, Zuko, Katara and Suki flee on Appa as everyone else escapes through a cave. Sokka is waiting for Suki to come to his tent for a romantic evening, when Zuko comes in instead surprising Sokka, Zuko asks him about what happened to his mother, Sokka tells him. The Play [caption id="attachment_2976" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka tells Actor Sokka some Jokes to improve his Performance"]Sokka's jokes[/caption] Suki and Sokka return from town and show the group a poster for A play about their journey "The Boy In The Iceberg", they decide to go. Sokka is shocked at his portrayal, and is deeply moved when the play shows Yue's sacrifice much to Suki's jealousy. During the Intermission Sokka confronts his actor and gives him some jokes to improve his performance, to great success. Sokka hates the ending which is what would happen if they lose the Final battle, Noting "The effects were decent" The Battle For The World [caption id="attachment_2977" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Team Avatar minus Aang plan the final battle With Iroh"]Sokka and Iroh[/caption] As Team Avatar prepare for the Final Battle, Sokka initiates a beach Party much to Zuko's surprise. He attacks Aang during the party,after they confront Zuko they reveal they were going to wait until after the Comet to face the Fire Lord, he then reveals that His father is going to burn down the entire Earth Kingdom during the comet, this leaves everyone shocked that they will have to face Ozai so soon. They start to train, but Sokka sees that Aang has a problem With Killing Ozai, he goes missing and they cannot find him. Zuko brings them to see June and her Shirshu Nyla, but she cannot locate Aang either leaving everyone confused. Zuko decides Iroh is the only other person who can help, they re brought by June to the outer walls Of Ba Sing Se. They are soon surrounded by Members of the Order Of The White Lotus, Piandao, Jeong Jeong, Bumi and Pakku. Sokka greets Piandao fondly. They then meet with Iroh to plan what everyone should do, He tells Zuko that he and Katara should face Azula, He and the members of the White Lotus will retake Ba Sing Se and Aang must be the one to face Ozai. Sokka, Suki and Toph decide to take out Ozai's Air Fleet. [caption id="attachment_2978" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="It Looks like the end for Sokka and Toph, Suki doesn't think so."]The End[/caption] They board one and take control, Sokka pretends to be the Captain and gets the crew together before opening the Bomb bay dropping them into the water below. He then steers the Air ship into the others for an "AIR SHIP SLICE", Suki is separated from Sokka and Toph in the Impact. Sokka saves them from the fall using his sword but breaks his leg, Sokka is left lying on a platform at the bottom of the ship holding onto Toph with one hand. Fire Nation Soldiers appear either side of them, Sokka uses his Boomerang and Sword to save them but loses both in the process, even more guards arrive as Sokka's grip on Toph slips, they are saved when Suki arrives controlling an Air Ship and crashes it into the rest, they have succeeded in destroying all the Air Ships. [caption id="attachment_2979" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sokka, Suki and Toph Look on at the defeated Fire Lord"]Fire Lord Defeated[/caption] They then meet up with Aang who has defeated Ozai by taking away his bending, Sokka begins to make fun of Ozai and comment on how great Aang was.They have won. After The War [caption id="attachment_2980" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Everyone criticizes Sokka's Painting."]Painting[/caption] After The War Sokka is again reunited with his Father and friends, The Kyoshi Warriors arrive and Sokka thinks Ty Lee is undercover again, but he is informed she has joined the Kyoshi Warriors.Later Team Avatar now plus Mai and Iroh are all relaxing in The Jasmin Dragon, Sokka is doing a painting to capture this great moment, everyone comes over to look but all criticize it for portraying them Wrong, Toph says "Well, I think you all look perfect!" making Sokka feel good until he remembers her blindness. Sokka Information And Quotes Sokka 2 Name: Sokka Race: Water Tribe(Southern) Age: 15 Short Description: Sokka is a15 year old Water Tribe Warrior, he is a master strategist and Swordsman. He is extremely sarcastic and has a unique sense of humor, he is also Loyal and protective of those he cares about. He is the most intelligent member of team Avatar. Primary Tools: Space Sword, Boomerang,Club, Machete and Pike, Intelligence Well Known Sokka Quotes: "I didn't ask for all this flying and Magic !" "My first Girlfriend turned into the Moon" "It's the quenchiest!" "so, do you wanna, um, do an activity together...?" Trivia:
  • Sokka has the first line of the series (not including the Intro)
  • Sokka has many unusual loves including: Shopping, Expensive Atlases , Secret Rivers and unusual weapons
  • Sokka has a very strong forehead, This may be due to his habit of Facepalming whenever aggrivated, Ty Lee finds out how strong Sokka's head is when she tries to Block his Chi hurting her hand
  • Sokka is the only member of Team Avatar to kill an Enemy, killing Combustion man in "The Western Air Temple" after hitting him with his Boomerang causing his Chi to be blocked and his attack to backfire
  • Sokka is the member of team Avatar to be named by Azula
  • Sokka gets the most female attention in the series with many girls having a crush on him: Suki, Yue, Toph and Ty Lee
  • Sokka has a habit of wanting to name things, Naming Combustion man and Team Avatar
  • Sokka never cared for anything bending or spiritual before the death of Yue, after which he often though of her whenever he saw the Moon
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