The Legend of Korra Episodes

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The Legend of Korra, brought to you by the same creators who made Avatar The Last Airbender is an incredible series with a complicated villian, intriguing storyline, and characters that are so lifelike and easy to emphasize with. Korra just seems to get better and better every episode. Start watching the amazing series today!

Young Korra

The Legend of Korra Episode 1
Welcome to Republic City Korra completes her training with water, earth, and fire and is super excited to learn Air bending from Aang’s son Tenzin.
Problems brewing in Republic City may interrupt her plans.Watch

Korra Meets Mako and Bolin

The Legend of Korra Episode 2
A Leaf in the Wind Korra finds Airbending her most difficult element to learn yet. After over-hearing a Pro-Bending Match Korra decides to sneak away from Tenzin to see it for herself. Where she meets new friends Bolin and Mako.Watch

Amon and his Revelation

The Legend of Korra Episode 3
The Revelation Korra and Mako are forced to infiltrate the Equalist movement to save Mako’s brother Bolin.
During an equalist rally they learn some disturbing news.Watch

Korra Joins Tarlocks Task Force

The Legend of Korra Episode 4
The Voice in the Night Korra is shook up by the threat Amon poses. Tarlock heads up an anti equalist task force and persuades Korra to join, Mako meets a new girl named Asami.Watch

Mako and Asami

The Legend of Korra Episode 5
The Spirit of Competition Korra’s Jealousy of Asami grows while Bolin makes a move on Korra, tensions between the team rise.Watch

Tenzin and Lin Bei Fong

The Legend of Korra Episode 6
And The Winner Is The Fire Ferrets prepare for their toughest match yet against the reigning champ Wolf Bats, a threat looms over the Arena.Watch

Chief Bei Fong Using Tophs Ability

The Legend of Korra Episode 7
The Aftermath Mako and Bolin move into Asami’s while Korra overhears something in the Mansion. Danger lurks as word of a new weapon from Amon spreads. Cabbage Corp is put in financial arrest.Watch

Korra and Gang in Asamis Car

The Legend of Korra Episode 8
When Extremes Meet Korra and Councilman Tarrlock have disagreements about how to deal with the Equalist rallies. Trouble is the outcome.Watch

Avatar Aang Flashback in Korra

The Legend of Korra Episode 9
Out of the Past While Tenzin and Chief Bei Fong are searching for hostages held by Amon and his henchmen, Korra is trying to understand the visions she is having.Watch

Korra and Mako

The Legend of Korra Episode 10
Turning The Tides Equalists begin to start a strong attack on republic city!Watch

Amons Plot Thickens

The Legend of Korra Episode 11
The Skeletons in the Closet The Legend of Korra Episode 11 rumored to be an epic double header with the finale!Watch

The Legend of Korra Finale

The Legend of Korra Episode 12
Endgame The Legend of Korra Episode 12 The epic Legend of Korra Season Finale!Watch

The Legend of Korra Episodes contain an incredible tale of young Avatar Korra as she tries to balance training to become the new Avatar while being a member of the Fire Ferrets in the Pro Bending League, and the serious threat the equalists and their mysterious leader pose to benders throughout the world.

The Legend of Korra is brought to you by the same creators who brought you Avatar The Last Airbender and is certainly living up to it’s namesake with incredible visuals, fantastic story-telling, deep storyline and life like characters. The episodes also bring out interesting questions as the line between good and evil is tested with a morally ambiguous villain (Amon) who’s intentions actually seem honorable, albeit vigilante.

Complete with political intrigue, fantastic humor, breathtaking realistic martial arts action (choreographed by master martial artists). The Legend of Korra is a pinnacle of animation excellence and should be a beacon for other shows to look towards as an example. The show is great for the entire family to watch and is a show you will watch time and time again. Be sure to enjoy, we know we will! :)