At last what at least some of us have been waiting for has arrived. Some preview images from the first of the two Korra junior novelisations, Revolution. Just click look inside on the image. Since they are available to view on Amazon I will just put the first page in this post as an example.


Now that I have read a few pages I will give my thoughts on it. It is not perhaps as descriptive as I expected, but is still pretty well written. I think we will get a few interesting insights into characters thoughts, but not that much more.

I have the book preordered and I will definitely not cancel it as it will at least be an interesting read. Plus it is very good value for money for the first mass release piece of Korra merchandise and at over 200 pages it is a substantial book.

What are your thoughts on the junior novels now that we have a look at the writing style ? Will you be picking this up come January 8th 2013 when it is  released.