Yes, what I predicted on the podcast has come to pass, we will be getting a hardcover Collection of The Promise, a "Library Edition". It is effectively all 3 parts collected into one book. The accompanying Image we assume is the cover

The Promise Hardcover

Now this is very interesting for a couple of reasons 1/ This means that we will be getting all of the promise at a bigger size as opposed to the digest sized parts, this means bigger pages and thus bigger panels and we can see Team Gurihiru's art in all of it's glory. 2/ This could feature extras about The Promise like concept art and creator commentary. This is just my guess based on other hardcovers. Out February 2013. My reaction - TAKE MY MONEY NOW DARK HORSE!!!!!!   UPDATE 16TH SEPTEMBER. Thanks to Dark Horse's official site listing this book we have more info. -The book will be released February 20th 2013 in comic stores and March 5th from Amazon and regular book stores. -The Book is 9 inches by 12 inches, which means it is the same size as the Art book, nearly 2 times as big art. -240 Pages which would be about 220 for the story and leaving 20 for extras -Those extras are confirmed to be a sketchbook, which may or may not be similar to the slides that Gene Yang Showed us on youtube when Part 1 was coming out. -The retail price is $39.99 , but Amazon have a preorder for about $26