From Zap2It,, we have the episode description for K107 The Aftermath

K107 Screenshot

Korra begins to suspect that an ally is working for the Equalists.

Also we have confirmation of the top 100 list of Korra Nation points scorers from Phase 1

Notable members from this site include our Site Admin, Jordan who had the most points by a massive margin, Site moderator and podcast co host Callum is number 42 and myself, Morgan (Airspeed Prime) in 73.

They confirm that the winner of the SDCC trip will be announced soon and the prizes will be shipped out soon also.

Phase 2 started yesterday, so start earning points again as the top 5 people by June 30th will win a sketch by Joachim Dos Santos, exec producer for Korra and the top 50 by the same date will win a season pass on Itunes.