Yes, it has been 10 years since Avatar began. February 21st 2005 was the day 101 The Boy In The Iceberg and 102 The Avatar Returns first aired on Nick, this was the day the Avatar Universe started for us fans.


This is definitely a big milestone for the universe, it really cements in that Avatar is no longer just 1 show, in these past 10 years we have had 2 complete series, a movie adaptation and a bunch of comics and other merch. Of course none of this stuff would have existed if not for the exceptional start that "The Boy In The Iceberg" and "The Avatar Returns" gave to the series, from here the fandom grew and grew and survived through the wait between series and now here we are, another show done and this fandom is still here and hungry for more Avatar. Looking back myself, I really find it hard to believe how much time has past. I am 23 now, I was 13 when I watched the premiere!!! Avatar really is the defining show for me growing up, it was the first show I really got into in a big way, the first fandom I joined and from there I only got more and more into this universe, joining the staff on this site, starting an Avatar Youtube channel as well as this site's Avatar Podcast "The Avatar Online Podcast". This show really means a lot to me. What are your thoughts on Avatar turning 10 today? Are you going to join in the 101/102 rewatch today?