Hello Avatar Fans, Airspeed Prime"  and Admin / Jordash here. As most of you know May 7th was Free Comic Book Day, there was a Free Avatar comic from Dark Horse which was half Avatar half Star Wars. We know a lot of fans were either unable to get to a comic store or their store didn't have it, So we are here to give you a chance to read it. Newly appointed Moderator Aangfan has graciously supplied us with scans of the 2 Avatar Stories that were included in the Comic. 1/ Relics 2/ Dirty Is Only Skin Deep These " two stories will also be included in the upcoming book from Dark Horse Comics Avatar The Last Airbender: The Lost Adventures. Which has had recent news too. Title list for Avatar The Last Airbender: The Lost Adventures BOOK 1 WATER Bee Calm.pages 9 and 10 Water War.pages 11-14 Don't Blow It.Pages 15-18 Relics.Pages 19-28 Fruit-Stand FreeStyle.Pages 29-30 BOOK 2 EARTH Sleepbending..pages 33 and 34 Lessons.. pages 35 and 36 Sokka The Avatar. Pages 37-51 Dirty Is Only Skin Deep.pages 52-55 Divided We Fall.Pages 56-77 Reach For The Toph.Pages 78-81 It's only Natural.pages 82-88 Going Home Again. pages 89-98 The Bridge.pages 99-112 BOOK 3 FIRE Private Fire.pages 115-138 Night Animals..pages 139 and 140 Boy's day outpages 141-146 Ember Island Arcade.pages 147-152 Monster Slayer..pages 153-162 Combustion Man on a train..pages 163-176 Swordbending..pages 177-182 No Benders allowed..pages 183-188 Love Is A Battlefield..pages 189-194 Dragon Dayspages 195-204 Game Timepages 205-210 Bumi Vs Toph Round 1. pages 211 -220/221/222 Bonus Stories (I presume the Non Canon stories) New Recruits..pages 223 and 224 (A nick magazine competition, 3 fan created characters try out for a spot on Team Avatar) Gym Timepages 225 and 226 (A super deformed story) You can Download All of the Scans + The Star Wars Comics Here Thanks to Arthan for finding these - OR - Read the Scans Here thanks to Aangfan Here are the scans for Relics (Click on the Picture to see a full view.)



Relics Page 1Relics Page 2Relics Page 3Relics Page 4Relics Page 5Relics Page 6Relics Page 7Relics Page 8Relics Page 9Relics Page 10

Now for the Scans of the second Story Dirty Is Only Skin Deep

Dirty Is Only Skin Deep Page 1Dirty Is Only Skin Deep Page 2Dirty Is Only Skin Deep Page 3Dirty Is Only Skin Deep page 4

And now for My review for these two stories.


I will start with a bit on continuity, This story takes place After 113 The Blue Spirit but Before 118 The Water Bending Master, I presume that it either before or after 117 The Northern Air Temple. We find out a few very cool things, We see a similar Airbending Pendant to the One has in 321 Avatar Aang (It may be the same one but Aang doesn't appear to take it), We hear more about Sozin's tactic for defeating the Air Nomads, after the main assaults the few Air Nomads left were tricked into going to these places and were then trapped. I loved the look into Airbending Culture this story gives, The different objects close to the Air Nomads are interesting, The Stupa is an unusual looking statue again using the Arrow as a symbol of Air, the horn is a cool instrument, and the Dorje I wonder what rituals " it was used in.

The story is very similar to how Aang is captured in The Last Airbender, and I think it works very well, especially given how attached Aang is to his people, any sign of them and he will look. In fact it is nearly identical to TLA until how Aang escapes. The characters are all perfectly in character, this story is even more interesting in that it is the return of ZHAOBURNS.....I mean Admiral Zhao, the amazing villain from Book 1. Like in The Blue Spirit we see him antagonise Aang talking about the Air Nomad Genocide again causing Aang to get Angry. Aang's escape really shows off Air as an amazing element, using Speed, Agility and awesome creativity using the Air Nomad artefacts. Another great emotional ending with Katara once again caring about Aang and attempting to cheer him up.

Now for more Comic specific views, The Artist, Johane Matte and Colourist, Hye Jung Kim have done a brilliant job on the art, capturing perfectly the unique Style of Avatar perfectly, the backgrounds and facial expressions especially gorgeous and characterful. The writer(same as artist) clearly knows his Avatar continuity and has got the characters spot on. One problem, I wish it would say EXACTLY when this happens in our Story in between which episodes.

Stand out Moment has to be Aang's face when he is about to Give Zhao a lesson on Air Nomad artefacts.

Dirty Is Only Skin Deep

This story takes place somewhere between 205 The Blind Bandit and 210 The Library as Toph is only introduced in 205 and after The Library and they don't have a chance to relax with everything that happens, My guess would be either just before or after 209 Bitter Work. The big thing for me is that Toph is singing about BadgerMoles, great continuity given her great relationship with them, and probably the introduction chronologically of Toph of Toph being unable to swim, given how Over the top her reaction is.

The Story is not very deep in that there really isn't a story as much as a scene. It is very in character though and again the writer ( J Torres) has got the characterisation perfectly, especially Toph and Katara and their unique relationship.

The Artist(and Colourist Gurihuru, has done a superb job here, using a more cartoony than the show style but still keeping the amazing characterful faces. The story is good if extremely simplistic.

The Stand out moment for me has to be Toph's completely over the top reaction to being in about 10cm of water followed by Katara parting the not so great Sea.

There you have it scans and my review of these two Stories.

Remember to keep an eye out for when The Lost Adventures book comes out on the 27th July , I will be doing a review of that too.

Big Thanks again to Aangfan for the scans and I would also Like to congratulate all our new Moderators: Tracy, Donna, Aangfan, Coyote01, Kelly and Arthan , I have also become a Super Moderator (moderator in all sections) and an Admin in 3 sections.

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