We have not had a new episode title in a while since we knew about Beginnings Part 1 and 2 months ago, but at last we have the next episode title. Book 2 Episode 9, K209, will be titled "The Guide"

Book 2 logo, Korra, Book 2 Spirits

This comes from Zap2It. Now while the title is more than likely correct the date they have listed is wrong. They are saying it will air on Nicktoons on October 14th, but Nick have basically confirmed that Nicktoons will not be airing any new episodes, new episodes will stay on Friday nights just at 8:30pm Eastern instead of 7pm eastern. If things continue weekly as is, then this episode should air Friday November 1st. As for what it means, I am not really sure at all. This will be the first episode after the episodes focused on Avatar Wan, so I assume that story will hold huge meaning for Korra and may cause her to go on some form of a journey, perhaps Jinora will be Korra's guide, or maybe Wan will continue to guide Korra. Who knows, this episode is 5 episodes from now. Thoughts?