The Last Airbender Calendar

[caption id="attachment_549" align="aligncenter" width="188" caption="First Picture I've Found of Live Action Sokka with his Boomerang"]The Last Airbender Sokka with Boomerang[/caption] I just stumbled across the first picture I've seen of the Live Action Version of Sokka featured with everyone's favorite ... Boomerang! (If there is another picture of boomerang out there let me know)."  Anyhow he was featured on a 16 Month Avatar Live Action Movie Calendar. The Last Airbender Wall Calendar also has some extra scenes of the Kyoshi Warriors, some new shots of Katara Water Bending, a couple of new shots of Aang and Sokka."  The Kyoshi Warrior and Katara Shots are kind of small and hard to see, but still they look pretty neat."  I'm on the hunt for larger shots.

Take a look at the full Last Airbender 16 Month Calendar below:

[caption id="attachment_551" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="A full look at the 16 Month The Last Airbender Movie Calendar"]Calendar for The Last Airbender Movie[/caption] If interested you can currently Pre-Order the Wall Calendar from Amazon.