This post is not only to remind you all that we have new episodes airing tonight, but also that they will start at a new time to accommodate 2 episodes airing. [caption id="attachment_8209" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Wan1 Avatar Wan, The First Avatar.[/caption] The two parter "Beginnings" will air on Nick in the USA at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central/1am BST/Midnight GMT. Make sure you are at your tv or livestream 30 minutes earlier than usual to catch the episodes. We have had a bunch of set up for these episodes as they have been a huge focus at SDCC and NYCC this year, we also have 2 clips which together make up a majority of the opening 3-4 minutes of Part 1.
Korra learns about the origins of the first Avatar; Korra realizes what she must do to restore balance to the physical and spirit worlds
Clip - Clip -