At last we have what is the last thing we have been waiting for, an air date and time.

Book 2 Date2

Thanks to Nick we now know that Korra Book 2 Spirits will premiere on Nick on Friday September 13th at 7/6c PM This is a new time and day for Korra as Book 1 always had new episodes on Saturday at 11am in the morning. It seems to be an excellent sign for Nick's confidence in Korra putting it in an important time slot on Friday Nights. Hopefully the ratings go up in accordance with Nick's confidence. We also got a new trailer for Book 2 that you can watch here which features some new footage Again it is region locked to USA, so you should use a program like Tunnelbear to view. Thoughts on this interesting trailer and time/day change for Korra ? Korra is less than a month away :)