Hello Avatar fans, It's your Avatar Community here with the third of our monthly Opinion posts. The first two were received very well and hopefully this one will continue that trend. The topic I (Airspeed Prime) asked people for opinions on was: Your idea for a new series of Avatar or a new season to continue on Avatar The Last Airbender or Avatar The Legend Of Korra. [caption id="attachment_3306" align="alignleft" width="265" caption="A lot of fans definitely want to see more of the characters we know and Love from Avatar The Last Airbender."]Gaang[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1708" align="alignright" width="265" caption="Avatar The Legend Of Korra is only going to be 12 episodes it should be awesome, albeit short."]Avatar The Legend of Korra HD Photo[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_3307" align="aligncenter" width="265" caption="What other Ideas will our great community have for a new series of Avatar."]Four Elements[/caption] This is a very Creative topic that could produce some amazing ideas, " will we see more people want more about Aang, Korra or something completely new. Here are the opinions of our Community. Jordan / Jordash / Admin (Site Designer/Administrator/Programmer) Avatar the Last Airbender was such a creative and well done series that I think any series done in that universe would be amazing, which is why I am so excited for Korra!"  So my dream series looks like how Korra is shaping up to be. Actually what I think would be most awesome is if they did this Korra series and then also did a series 1,000's of years before ATLA, maybe even the start of the Avatar or something like that, it would be amazing if the Avatar series could keep continuing with series after series, and possibly eventually a series to re-visit the original Avatar group."  Although if you think about how Avatar The Last Airbender ended it would be really difficult to come up with a story that could continue off of the original ATLA, unless maybe the characters were in their 20's-30's. So in conclusion, any series in the Avatar Universe from the original creators, i'm going to be extremely excited about! Airspeed Prime (Moderator/Popular Post Writer/Facebook Administrator) A super interesting topic, I will get straight into it: Korra I really need to see how the series goes before wanting more, I love Avatar The Last Airbender and while I would like to see something else to add and absolutely perfect and put a cap on the series I think that this would work better in Comic or Web Comic form to tie up some loose ends. So it has to be a new series for me My dream Avatar Series would be about the Very First Avatar. Since we know from the Lion Turtle that there was an era before the Avatar, I am extremely interested in how the Avatar came into being, did the Spirits see the state of the world and decide they needed an entity to help keep balance and their decision to put the Avatar Spirit in a human and not make it an all powerful spirit. We know energybending was before the Avatar and the Avatar is the only one who can bend all four elements it brings up if Energybending came before all the " four elements , so again it would really give us the history behind bending and the Origin of the Avatar. Since the Avatar cycle is Water, Earth, Fire, Air that would make the First Avatar a Waterbender but it could have happened at a time when people had not learned it from the moon yet, the same goes for if people had yet learned the other 3 elements from Badgermoles, Dragons and Sky Bisons. To me a series like this would answer so many questions I have about the history of Avatar. Another thing that really interests me in a series like this would be how the first Avatar adapted to his/her new role , as the only neutral in a world that never had one, the struggle of having to learn the elements which may or may not have only been recently been learned by humans (or maybe even the first Avatar learned from The Moon, Badgermoles, Dragons and Sky Bisons),Having possibly only the spirits themselves to get help from, at the end maybe the Four Nations started the system of training and locating the new Avatar. So many interesting thoughts and possibilities. Kuruk I would like a follow-up mini season for ATLA, but it wouldn't be chronological. It could be named Book 4: Air for the first three books' sake. It would pretty much include all the worthy tangents Bryke had planned about ATLA that didn't make it into the series- Aang's parents, Iroh's spirit world journey, and of course Zuko's mother. Maybe a few more fan-popular ones like Toph's parents, the dragon egg, and a little after-summary of the main characters. Aangfan The problem with me is that I love Avatar: The Last Airbender so much, I never wanted it to end! So what would I do? Well, I don't have an issue with what actually DID happen.the original series ended. But it left a gaping hole for so many of us. Fast forward a few yearsand whammo! Avatar: The Legend of Korra is in the works now with a November 2011 release. Thus far the buzz fills a part of what my next dream Avatar series would be. To help me make my pointon a recent poll, Avatar The Last Airbender Online asked, "Which Character are you looking forward to the Most in Avatar The Legend of Korra?" The surprising answer wasn't Korra, the new lead character, but Spirit Aang and his son, Tenzin. What does that mean? It means that we are still in love with the original series (though things may change when the new series actually starts airing) and we want to know what happened. So, what would be my dream Avatar Series? I think that at some point, the creators should revisit the original series and put out either another series or season - or even a one-shot special - letting us know their vision for what happened to all these people we have come to love? Does everyone marry who we expect them to? How many kids do each of them have? What kinds of challenges did they face after the war ended? A second thought for after the Korra series (it depends on how it is received and what we learn from it - it is a 12 episode commitment at current time, which isn't very much to be honest): Perhaps every few years another Avatar series could come out with the NEXT avatar in the series. Next is Korra. We will hopefully learn what became of our gaang. I'm guessing we will grow to love Korra, Tenzin and Meelo as well and will want to know more about how they affected the world and who the next avatar after that will be. Tai Li, previously known by many usernames mainly Zoeeeee (Popular Post Writer) Your Dream Avatar Series or Season? Hmmm Good question! I think I would enjoy another season of ATLA but it would be when the whole Gang are adults. Like around 24-28. I guess one episode would go like this. There was an animal that was the source of killings in Earth Kingdom villages and while Katara and Aang go visit Sokka and Suki on Kyoshi Island, they read the Earth Kingdom Newspaper to find out that Toph has gone missing into the Black Shadow Forest. Then Katara, Aang, Sokka and Suki go to find Toph {yes people, MoMo and Appa are there too} when they see her knocked out on the ground! So when Katara heals her with her water healing power, they all team up to defeat the animal and in the end they do and try to meet up with each other in Ba Sing Se once a month" :) The End! 'Kay thanks! Tai Li Donna I'd love to see how the ATLA world just as it was going from Energy bending to going into the 4 nations of Water, Earth, Fire & Air and what it was like for the very first folk who became benders and what consequences arose for them as they became different from everyone else. A time where there were plenty of dragons, Flying Bison and other ancient creatures that shared the ATLA world. Perhaps a world that isn't so populated as the ATLA world is during Avatar Aangs time. More background stories on how settlements became and the challenges that the settlers had to create their homes/villages/cities. I think that the Spirit world would also be very much involved with this ATLA world and events of disharmony arises that creates the first benders to become present amongst the nations The main plot would be the discovery of the very first Avatar and how that person dealt with their new role and how the populaces & other nations interacted and reacted to having an Avatar for the first time, and their journey within the ATLA world. One of the challenges for the first Avatar is getting folk to understand the role of Avatar and why it's needed. And the levels of struggle that both the Avatar has in accepting their role and the populaces reaction towards having such a being there to support harmony and equality for all beings. Rather than conflict I would use a disaster - say use several devastating disasters that each nation creates through lack of responsibility for what it's doing - e.g say a part of the Earth Nation felling forests and not reforesting the land - and vicious storms lash the land and causes huge devastating floods and landslides, wiping out villages and killing people flooding the ocean with sludge that threaten to wipe out many of the sea creatures - creating both on the ocean and land - food shortages creating a breakdown in trade amongst the nations as food becomes more scarce and harder to find. Disasters that urges the Spirit World to work with the physical ATLA world to bring forth the first Avatar to bring back the balance, (in a way reflecting the huge issues we face in today's world!) to help people be more aware of their actions within their own environments. There would be other people that become close friends of the First Avatar, one could actually be a sibling of the first avatar, say an older brother, who watches out and shows the differences that would be created from such a relationship. Their travels around the ATLA world would offer different wisdoms from each of the nations to solving the disaster crisis and how many solutions can lead to the same answer of correcting the unbalance that has occurred. Why I would love to see this happen. I love history - it's what creates us, shapes us and is part of our story, it's what shapes the events that lead to our present and our future - to be able to see the events that lead up to ATLA would offer us a richer & fuller landscape of characters and events for fans to delve deeper into the ATLA worlds being Perhaps offering fans the opportunity to continue to think and learn from the series that continues to offer us in so many levels. Christopher A interesting thing I would like to see as an Avatar fan is a spin-off mini series about the life of Iroh. We would see in this series the major events that played a significant role in the life of Iroh. What was it like to be born and destined to rule? Was Iroh once evil? What was being a general like? How did Iroh respond to his brother taking the throne? What was Iroh and his son's relationship like? What is Iroh's relationship with the Spirit World? etc As a huge Iroh fan, I would love for some answers to be revealed about him in a new series. I hope in any upcoming Avatar series though, we will see some glimpses of Iroh. Banyon Bruner (Facebook Fan) I would like to see what happens to Azula after ATLA. I would have her find redemption in joining Zuko in search of their mother. She not only turns good but establishes a sanctuary to protect children without parents. By the time of Korra, Azula is legendary for her kindness! As I see it, Azula would be imprisoned after ATLA, when Zuko goes in search of his mother, Azula would beg to go. Everyone would be mistrustful of her, so Aang would take away Azula's ability to firebend, just like Ozai. At some point the group would be in grave danger. With great hesitation, and over the objections of everyone, Aang would restore Azula's abilities and she would validate his good faith in her.