Airspeed Prime here to tell you about some new Korra information. This all comes from a person who works at Nick who agreed to answer Questions about Nick shows Now I personally found it extremely difficult to locate the important info in the comments, so I have picked out the important stuff for you here. Most of it is non answers and stuff that he cannot answer so there is little of interest. Finally we have proper confirmation of the name of the show
Q: Also, while you’re here: Is the official title The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra or Avatar: Legend of Korra? A: The Last Airbender : Legend of Korra. What you saw on the leak was international versioning.

So basically this from what I can tell means that the show will be called The Last Airbender: Legend Of Korra in USA and Avatar Legend Of Korra everywhere else. Which is ok I guess, we have a choice now, lol

Really that is the only Important thing that we have not heard about before, the rest is just him stating about how Nick and the shows staff are not happy with the leaks and are working and to stop them.

As you probably know the Staff here decided that we would not allow links to the leaks here, but that we would allow discussion on them.

The Administrator of the Winx Club forum that the leaks were coming from upon seeing this response has said that there will be no more leaks.

For those looking for a release date, the person here says we will find out soon which is what we have heard previously from Nick on Twitter. Hopefully soon.

Please tell us your thoughts on the Name confirmation in the comments below.