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Summary of The Legend of Korra Episode 8

When Extremes Meet

Bolin, Mako, and Asami join Korra on Airtemple Island

Asami Mako and Bolin Join Korra on Airtemple Island

With Mako's and Bolin's home at the Pro Bending Arena destroyed, and Asami's discovery of her fathers treachery All 3 Join Korra on Airtemple Island

With Asami learning of her father’s allegiance to the Equalist’s they can no longer stay at Sato Mansion. Mako, Bolin, and Asami all travel to Air Temple Island to live with Korra.  While they are getting settled in they learn from Ikki several insteresting tid bits about the island, and are shown to their rooms.  While Korra is showing Asami to her room, Ikki makes the startling revelation that Korra likes Mako.

Ikki Tells Asami Korra likes Mako

Ikki tells Asami that Korra likes Mako which as you can see greatly perturbs Korra.

This revelation sure sets Korra off :) but doesn’t seem to phase Asami too much.

After shutting Ikki out of the room Korra starts talking to Asami, she hears a knock at the door and assuming it’s Ikki she tells Ikki to scram.  She then finds out it’s Tenzin to her embarrassment.

Tenzin informs Korra that the new Chief of Police is being instated to replace Chief Bei Fong and that he thinks they should be in attendance to find out what happens.

Tarrlock Appoints new Chief of Police and threatens Korra

Tarrlock appoints a new puppet Chief of Police who grants him super powers with the Equalist movement. Tenzin suspects foul play, Tarrlock asks Korra to join his task force, when she refuses Tarrlock threatens her to stay out of his way.

After giving  a speech the new Chief of Police graciously accepts his new post, we soon find out however that he appoints Tarlock with greater powers in matters dealing with the Equalist Revolution.  Korra and Tenzin both suspect foul play, Tarlock asks Korra to rejoin his task force.. When she refuses Tarlock threatens Korra that she should stay out of his way.

During a council meeting the next day Tarrlock proposes a new law that would put a curfew on non-benders, in addition to stricter penalties for consorting with Equalists.  Tenzin disagrees saying that it is going too far to punish Non-Benders over the actions of a few non-benders.  Tarrlock puts the law to a vote and surprise surprise the rest of the council sides with him.

Korra feels bad after the things Tarrlock has said to her about not being able to learn Airbending.  Bolin, Mako, and Asami find her and tell her not to worry, that Aang had similar problems and that they were the new “Team Avatar”.

The New Team Avatar trying to Ride Naga

The new Team Avatar tries to Ride Naga

The group decides to start patrolling the city, after they learn that Naga isn’t a viable mode of transportation, Asami volunteers one of her fathers cars.  We learn that all of Sato’s cars are equipped with police scanners (presumably as Asami points out to spy on the police to aid him in his Equalist dealings.  While driving through the city, they hear of an Equalist armed breakout escape attempt and then see the actual escapees pass right by them on the road.  They decide to give chase.

After several close fights on the open road and Mako disabling several Equalists with his lightning Attacks, they eventually are able to completely capture the escaping Equalists.

After a hectic chase Team Avatar is able to capture the escaping Equalists.

After a hectic chase Team Avatar is able to capture the escaping Equalists.

Tarrlock confronts them angrily saying that they are interfering with Police business, Korra smugly tells him that she didn’t see the police anywhere and that if Team Avatar hadn’t come then the convicts would have completely escaped.  Tarrlock storms off.

Later that evening, Team Avatar overhears another Metal Bending Police broadcast stating that Equalists have “taken to the streets” and are “armed and considered dangerous”.  Team Avatar decides to go and investigate.  What they find is several civilians unarmed protesting their power being turned off and the new curfew put in place.  When Korra shows up they tell her that she needs to help them because she is “their Avatar too”.

Metal Bending Police Round up Innocent Civilians under Tarrlocks command

Metal Bending Police Round up Innocent Civilians under Tarrlocks command

Korra sympathizes with them and decides to put a stop to the Metal Benders oppressing the people.  As the police round up the civilians by constraining them with police barricades, Korra stops it allowing the civilians to escape.  Tarrlock then turns on Korra’s friends, first capturing Asami sending her to Jail for being the daughter of a known Equalist (Hiroshi Sato).  Mako and Bolin protest, and are also rounded up to be sent to prison.  Korra grabs two massive rocks.  Tarrlock informs her that if she makes any moves that she will join them in prison.  Mako tells Korra to listen to Tarrlock and not to worry about them.  Korra says she will go get Tenzin to help sort out these new problems, and get her friends out of jail.

Tenzin quickly makes his way to Korra and finds her confronting the Metal Bending Police who are being very un-cooperative.  Tenzin confronts the new chief of Police telling him to release Korra’s friends and that the other non-benders in prison are entitled to due process of law.  Sai Con tells Tenzin that he will have to take that up with Tarrlock.  Tenzin says that he intends to the next council meeting.  The leave both Tenzin and Korra informing Sai Con that he is the worst Chief of Police ever.

Korra and Tarrlock Duel

Korra and Tarrlock begin a massive duel

Unable to sleep with her friends in prison, Korra decides to go and confront Tarrlock.  When Korra arrives Tarrlock asks his assistant if any of the other Council members are still in the building, when he learns that no one is there he tells his assistant to leave as well.

Korra tells Tarrlock that he is doing exactly what Amon wants and is oppressing the non-benders just like Amon says benders are doing.  Korra says that Tarrlock is no better than Amon.  Tarrlock asks Korra to join him again and after she refuses he unleashes a waterbending attack at her.  After an intense battle Korra manages to knock Tarrlock off the 2nd floor.  It appears that Korra has the upper hand until Tarrlock reveals that he can Bloodbend.  Bloodbending Korra into submission.

Tarrlock can Bloodbend

Tarrlock reveals that he can Bloodbend and easily subdues Korra with his power

When Korra is knocked unconscious she has another vision of Aang during what appears to be a court hearing where Tarrlock is bloodbending Aang, Toph, Sokka, and others with a villianous look on his face.

Tarrlock Aang Flashback in Korra

After Tarrlock knocks Korra out, Korra has a flashback to Aang, Toph, and Sokka being bloodbended by someone who looks like Tarrlock.

After he subdues Korra with his bloodbending he puts her in a police car and drives her off to an unknown location, ending the episode with a major cliffhanger.





Tarrlock Captures Korra and takes her to an unknown location

Tarrlock Captures Korra and takes her to an unknown location

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