UPDATE/ March 6th, updates in bold

Random piece of news from Emerald City Comic Con 2013, which Grey Delisle is attending. The news comes from a tumblr user, Sea-Dilemma.

She gave us scoop on season 2 of TLOK.  She said that she is doing three characters, and that one is the younger version of an established character who had a traumatic event happen to her, and we’re thinking LIN!
This is interesting as we do wonder what is meant by Season 2, for me Season 2 as has been confirmed by Mike and Bryan is Book 3 and 4. But it could mean Book 2. Given that we know from a few months back that Grey will be voicing a non firebender bender in Book 3 or 4 it seems more likely to be the former. The Lin comment is obviously just speculation, good speculation based on what was said, but not confirmed by any means at this point. 3 characters, though, that is pretty impressive and brings her Korra voice count up to 4 if we are understanding the information correctly. UPDATE/ Based on her panel it seem as if she may only be doing 3 characters total. There is still confusion over which books certain characters will appear in though. 1/ The Dark Spirit in Book 2 2/ Female non firebender bender in Book 3 or 4 UPDATE/ confirmed to be a waterbender, could be in Book 2 3/ Younger Version of an established character who has something happen to them. Book 3 or 4. 4/ Unknown 3rd Book 3 or 4 character UPDATE/ There may not actually be a 4th character Again the info is hard to fully pin down, but it is something to keep us going......just about. What are your thoughts on this news?