As the title says K111 Skeletons In The Closet and K112 Endgame are both Airing today on Nick from 10am central/11am Eastern/3pm GMT/4PM BST

finale image

Here are the episode descriptions for these Episodes

 “In the first-season finale, Korra goes undercover and learns a secret while her teammates go after the enemies’ stronghold. Then Korra confronts the enigmatic ruler of the Equalists.”

So we are now just 5 Hours and 24 minutes away from the finale.

Now just a note to everyone once the finale airs.

Please do NOT comment below once you have seen the episode with spoilers. Not everyone will see the episode when it first airs and this is a news post about the episode BEFORE it airs.

Please use these specific episode threads to discuss the 2 episodes in as much detail as you want.

Episode 11

Episode 12

Any spoiler comment below will either be edited or deleted. No one wants to be spoiled about the finale.

Thank You and Enjoy the finale.

Airspeed Prime – Site Super Moderator.