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Summary of The Legend of Korra Episode 1

Welcome To Republic City

Young Korra Waterbending The Legend of Korra Episode 1

Young Korra In The Legend of Korra Episode 1

The White Lotus Discovers Korra

The Legend of Korra Episode 1 – The Revelation kicks things off with a bang, literally.  It starts off with the White Lotus (of Iroh lineage) traveling to the Water Tribe where Korra has been identified as the potential Avatar.   Any question about Korra’s identity as the Avatar are quickly squashed as she demonstrates her ability to bend 3 different elements. Water, Earth, and Fire.

Korra Finishes Training of 3 Elements

The show quickly flashes to a grown up Korra as she is mastering fire.  We learn that she has trouble with the spiritual side of bending.  Katara thinks that Korra is ready to start learning Airbending from Tenzin.

Korra’s Airbending Training May Be Delayed

When Tenzin arrives Korra meets his family made up of 3 children: the rambunctious Meelo, intelligent Jinora, and inquisitive Ikki along with his Wife Pema who has a child on the way ( who she hopes is not another Airbender :) ).

Tenzin and his Family

Tenzin and his Family

Tenzin informs Korra and Katara that he unfortunately can’t stay at the White Lotus training grounds and must return to Republic City to help sort things out at the the troubled town.

Korra, furious at the news. Storms out, claiming that “Aang wouldn’t have wanted her cooped up like a prisoner.”

Korra Escapes the White Lotus Training Grounds

Korra decides to make a late night escape from the White Lotus training grounds in order to find Tenzin in Republic City and begin her Airbending training.  Katara confronts Korra as she is about to make her escape.  Much to Korra’s surprise Katara agrees that Korra should escape and “find her own way as the Avatar”.

After saying goodbye to her parents Korra stows away on a boat headed for Republic City.

Korra in Republic City

Korra’s first journey through Republic City is quite hazardous as Naga (her Polar Bear Dog) tries to find some food to eat and delays Korra’s plan to reach Tenzin on Air Temple Island.

Shortly after her arrival Korra learns of some of the trouble facing the city like poverty, and most importantly a growing seperation between Benders and Non-Benders.  Korra sees a rally promoting the “Equalist” movement, a movement led by Amon designed to “equalize” people by making everyone non-benders.

Triple Threat Gang Members Korra Episode 1

Triple Threat Gang Members

Korra Meets some Triple Threat Gang Members

One major problem in Republic City appears to be benders forming Gangs using their bending for nefarious thievery and oppression (one big reason for the Equalist movement).  Korra has a run in with some “Triple Threat” gang members as the threaten a defenseless store owner.

She quickly defeats the gang members, unfortunately causing plenty of damage herself, attracting the attention of the Metal Bending Police.   The leader of the Metal bending police decides to arrest Korra for causing so much damage during her fight with the Triple Threat gang members.  Korra resists and tries to escape, making  quite  scene through the city as her and Naga flee from the Metal Benders.  Eventually the Metal Bender police force is able to put a stop to Korra and brings her into Police Headquarters.


Korra and Chief Bei Fong

Korra under interrogation from Chief Lin Bei Fong

Korra and Chief Lin Bei Fong

Korra is brought before Chief Lin Bei Fong (Toph’s daughter) for questioning, she wonders why Chief Lin Bei Fong is so hard on Korra with her relationship to Toph and all (one of Aangs closest friends).

Chief Lin Bei Fong informs Korra that the past has nothing to do with events currently occuring and that Korra must be held responsible for the crimes she had committed.

Fortunately Tenzin comes and informs Chief Lin Bei Fong that he will pay for all of the damages and take responsibility for Korra’s actions.  Korra is set free but is informed by Tenzin that she is to return to White Lotus control until he is ready for her.

Korra is permitted to stay in Republic City

Korra is permitted to stay in Republic City

Korra persuades Tenzin to Train Her

Korra tells Tenzin that she understands why he needs to remain in Republic City but that she can see that Republic City needs her as the Avatar to help regain balance in the city once again.  After some thought Tenzin agrees with her and Korra is permitted to remain in Air Temple Island to train.

As Korra makes the announcement to the city we get our first look at Amon and his henchmen.  Who say that with the Avatars arrival they must “Accelerate their plans”.  Sounds nefarious indeed.

Amon and his Henchmen plotting

Amon and his Henchmen plotting

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