Korra Nation have broken their 7+ month long silence with regards to Korra news.

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http://korranation.tumblr.com/post/88478116734/after-a-series-of-unfortunate-events-over-the-past They have at the same time responded to the accidental leaks and also hyped up an upcoming announcement
After a series of unfortunate events over the past few days, we’re excited to share something VERY BIG very soon…
I very much appreciate them acknowledging the leaks, but also that they are reacting to them by putting out some big news soon. Only bad thing here is the most dreaded word for our fandom when it is mentioned in news SOON. Korra Nation especially have a terrible definition of the word, their site says that Book 3 Change is coming soon and has said that since early December 2013. Now, what is this big thing the will be sharing. The obvious thing would be the next phase of Korra Nation, where we collect points to unlock news and attempt to win prises, as I mentioned above they have been saying that the next phase is coming soon for about 7 months, it would allow them to promote Book 3 through the link spreading while also giving them a platform to release the Book 3 updates we have not been getting up to now. If the leaks had not happened, I would say this is a trailer, but because they have referenced the leaks I don't think a trailer can really be considered this big considering  4 whole episodes are available to watch. I really think they need to do what they have done a few times now and through Korra Nation get people to unlock an episode online, in this case Book 3 Change Episode 1 A Breath Of Frest Air. The final question is of course how soon is soon, if they really want to stop the leaks in their tracks they need to release this news before the end of the week, with the Rise Of The Avatar Weekend happening on Nick this weekend they have the perfect time to release info. What do you think the big surprise is?