We have not covered every single production update here with a news post because there have been a lot of small ones of late, but this one is pretty encouraging.

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Mike on Tumblr mentioned that he and Bryan just recently visited Studio Mir in South Korea, an episode screening took place, but the key point is what Mike says in the post
The crew is hard at work animating the last few episodes of Book 3, but took a break for a screening.
We know from an interview The Track Team did last week that 6 episodes are more or less done, so this is a very good sign in terms of how soon we may see Book 3 Change. The Track Team estimated that they may be done with work on Book 3 some time in the middle of the year, so that would mean estimated air dates would be in or around SDCC 2014. Nothing confirmed yet, but the progress of production is very promising considering where we were this far into our Book 2 wait. Who knows we may get a trailer soon!