At long last we have something to break the huge gap since the last time we had some Book 2 news. Again it is Bryan on Tumblr posting images from colour correction sessions. Here it is,

Lemur New

Now this is clearly a Lemur based on the appearance, but it is quite different to the Lemur we all know so well, Momo. We actually heard about this at SDCC 2011 so 2 years ago. We were told that the Sky Bison and Lemur that were present were slightly different species to Appa and Momo, in this case this is a ring tailed lemur (Momo only has rings on the end, while this guy has them all over the tail). We were also told that the Lemurs and Sky Bison play a more important role in Book 2.

Now we also know that at some stage we will be returning to the Southern Air Temple and these animals are native to Air Nomad Temples, so could that be where this image is from, perhaps.

What are your thoughts ?