It is Friday again which means the release of the next and in this case final part of the Republic City Hustle web series.


You can view it on here Despite me always mentioning this it is always asked in the comments, if you are not from the USA and want to access then I recommend you download and use Tunnelbear, a free program that allows to to get by the region lock. I am Irish myself so I too cannot access the site and Tunnelbear works well for me, it is better than having to wait for someone to upload it to youtube :) Now on to the content of Part 3. We know this is the final part, so how did it do as an ending of this series? I did enjoy it, it was a tad predictable, but that is not always a bad thing. I had a feeling Toza would go against Shady Shin and not throw the match. I knew it would end with Toza taking the brothers in, I just didn't know exactly how it happened. So I was not expecting Shady Shin and some triple threats to actually attack Mako and Bolin, after this Toza showing up to defend the two, and thank Bolin for reminding him about his honour was a nice touch. Especially him being the one to give the two the idea to start pro bending. Mako had a very nice moment at the end, when he has to make a tough decision for the two. I hope we see more of these as I think they could tell many similar tales for other characters. What are your thoughts on the conclusion to Republic City Hustle?