Hi everyone, i'm afraid there's some bad news, a hacker or team of hackers has wiped out a large part of the website (which was why the site was having so much trouble yesterday). Anyway, i'm not sure why we were targeted but they were able to cut deep and community forum posts and comments have basically been re-wound to 4 months ago, we've been able to get the posts content back thankfully. We tried everything we could to restore the data, but unfortunately they wiped out emergency backups as well. If you are having trouble logging in here is why:
  • If you joined the site under 4 months ago you will need to re-register (You can use the same username and email as before)
  • Forum Topics created under 4 months ago have been lost
  • New security measures are in place to stop this from ever happening again
  • The site should run smoother and faster now
  • Many of the bugs in the community that were happening have now been resolved thankfully
I'm really really sorry about this, I know there was a ton of great conversations going on. Let's use this to our advantage, make the best of things, and keep making this the best Avatar community in the world! Also, to get back your points from before the hack, please pm either Airspeed Prime (@airspeed) or Admin/Jordash (@admin) with what your points were before the hack and your points will be added back. [caption id="attachment_5330" align="aligncenter" width="444" caption="Korra knows It's a tragedy, but hopefully we can make the best of it"]Korra Crying[/caption]