All of the amazing martial arts action sequences you see in Avatar The Last Airbender were based on real life ancient martial arts that are still practiced today."  A fun past-time for many Avatar fans is to learn these Martial Arts themselves, whether it's through books / dvds / or if you are lucky enough to find a dojo that can teach you these skills on a more personal basis, we have compiled a list of all of the Martial Arts found in Avatar: The Last Airbender coupled with options you have to enable learn those skills, Practicing Martial Arts is a fantastic way to exercise, build strength, build agility, strengthen confidence, and most importantly have fun!

Learn Waterbending Tai Chi Martial Arts

Waterbending - Inspired by Tai Chi Literally translated, Tai Chi Chuan means "Supreme Ultimate Fist", and is practiced for Self Defense by turning opponents aggressive attacks against themselves. In addition Tai Chi is practiced for the myriad of health benefits it provides such as improving your posture, increasing core muscle strength, provides stress relief, greater flexibility, and is also used as a form of meditation."  Tai Chi is good for all skill levels and levels of fitness, somewhat similar to Yoga but with much more benefits, it can challenge even the fittest individual while providing an entry level Martial Arts to those who need to get back in shape.

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Learn Earthbending Hung Gar Martial ArtsEarthbending -"  Inspired by Hung Gar Hung Gar is known for its' low "strong" and in-place stances, most noticeable is its' "Horse Stance" which was practiced for hours at a time by trainees. The stances were a very versatile Martial Arts form which could branch out to several different moves.

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** Special Note - Toph practiced a unique style of Earthbending, that can probably only be taught in person** Learn Airbending Ba Gua Zhang Airbending - Inspired by Ba Gua Zhang Ba Gua Zhang is well known for it's "Circle Walking" which is it's mode of movement, circling an opponent in various stances, attempting to out-wit an opponent.

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Learn Firebending Martial Arts Firebending - Inspired by Norther Shaolin Northern Shaolin is well known for it's aggressive sometimes flamboyant moves, quick attacks and retreats."  Also known for it's use of Spear and Staff weapons to aid in the martial art."  Northern Shaolin is a bit more advanced.

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Always be sure to consult with your physician before starting any type of exercise program, especially Martial Arts, and remember to have fun!