My copy of Book 4 Balance on DVD arrived yesterday, so it is review time. I would usually do an in-depth written review, but this time round I feel like my video review really captures absolutely everything I have to say about this DVD set. My frustrated rant about the extras on this set is much more entertaining in video form than in text. So I will keep this written review brief, for more details check out the video at the bottom of this post.


In short, this set is great in terms of the episode quality and especially the free poster included in the box (Shown off in the video below), but it is the extras where the negatives start to come in. Again only 4 episode commentaries (First 2 and last 2 episodes) with the added features of "Kuvira vs Prince Wu" and "Republic City Hustle Part 1". Kuvira vs Prince Wu is a pointless addition that adds nothing to either character and acts as an advertisement for a Season of a show that by virtue of watching this feature means I have in fact purchased it already. A waste of 3 minutes, I would not recommend you even watching it once. It was great to see Republic City Hustle included on the set, but unfortunately that Part 1 bit is not a typo, you do really only get Part 1 on this set. Meaning that those who don't own Blu Ray Players, are forever stuck on Part 1 unless they are aware that the series was originally a series of web shorts. All in all it shows very little effort put into the dvd extras, with mindless decisions about what to include and non include from the Blu Ray set. Republic City Hustle all 3 parts together is under 9 minutes long, there was space for all 3 parts on this set especially if you got rid of the pointless Kuvira vs Prince Wu feature. Then there is the issue of the Book 1 DVD having the first part of the Puppetbender feature and the Book 4 Blu Ray having Part 2, but it is not included here. Again, it shows a severe lack of continuity between DVD releases. I recommend this set purely because it is the cheapest way to get Book 4 on home video and the cheapest way to get your hands on an official Korra poster, given that any others are convention or competition exclusives. The 4 commentaries included are extremely interesting, but again highlight how much content is missing from the DVD. I am very happy to have all of Korra on DVD now and the 4 sets do look great together, I just hope eventually we get a complete series collection that includes all of the extras not on the current DVD sets. For more thoughts on this set, check out my detailed video review.