Review time once again and it is now time to tackle the second Korra junior novel, Endgame. The Legend Of Korra - Endgame Adapted By: Erica David Based On: The Screenplays by Mike Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko Published By: Random House

Endgame Book

First of all is is needed every time Revolution or Endgame are mentioned, What is it ? Endgame is a junior novel adaptation of the second half of Book 1 of Korra, it covers K107-K112 in written form. Revolution was the first book which adapted K101 - K106 you can see my review of that book here. I will begin with my overall thoughts on the book. Like the first book it was pretty well written, it is an easy to read page turner. My problems with the book come from what I was happily surprised with when I finished Revolution, I recommended it because there were a good few new scenes, details and pieces of dialogue. I went into Endgame expecting the same, why wouldn't I. There are little to no new details, no new scenes and no new dialogue from what I could see. It feels like so much more effort was put into the first book as it was an adaptation, but it had more to it, this book is just a straight up adaptation with the only unique thing about it being that it is the second half of Book 1 in written form. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed reading this book, it was a quick and easy read. Just over an hour for me to read it from cover to cover. Korra Book 1 has an exciting story and it works in novel form, there is just nothing extra here for me as an adult fan of Avatar, which disappointed me because the first book impressed me with it's new content. I, of course, know that this book is made for the younger fans who are moving on to trickier books and on that front I think this book would work well. So if I was to recommend this book to anyone, it would be to 3 groups of people: 1/ People who have Revolution, why leave your Book 1 novel collection incomplete, 2/ People who in general love Avatar merch, this is one of the few pieces of Korra merch available in stores now and 3/ Parents who want their kids to advance their reading skills, this is an exciting story that is not too difficult to read, so I think it would have kids itching to read more. Like Revolution, this book also has 4 pages of news report like screenshots in the centre which tell a super condensed version of the story. It is a nice touch to again show that this is a book based off an animated show. I will cover the few new/interesting things I found now before my closing thoughts. -On Page 7 when Lin is speaking to news reporters about the events of K106 one reporter is described as being from a paper called the "Republic Daily News" something I don't think was mentioned in the show. -On Page 39 when the mecha tanks are introduced for the first time the windows are described as being like "Deep sea diving helmets" which pretty much confirms that deep sea diving exists in  the Avatar world now. -On Page 57 there is a slightly confusing mention of the Air Acolytes "Korra had come to live with them to complete her airbending training along with the other Air Acolytes under Tenzin's instruction" is this suggesting that some of the Air Acolytes can airbend or is it just that they train in the Air Nomad ways. -On Page 92 when Korra is fighting Tarrlok in his office, the book says that to dodge his Ice shards she used her Airbending training to weave and dodge them. This was a nice mention for me to show she was using her airbending training in battle even if she could not bend air. -On Page 118 Sokka is said to be "Council Chairman Sokka" I don't think this was mentioned in the show, but it shows that Sokka was not just on the council, but that he was the overall leader. -On Page 145 I was surprised the book did not give the Fire Nation councilwoman a name. Literally the book calls her The Councilwoman multiple times, it would be so much easier and better if they had told us her name. Missed opportunity. -On the final page of the book Page 251 after Tenzin calls Korra "Avatar Korra" with respect, we get the following thoughts from Korra "For the first time, the title felt absolutely right. She liked how it sounded, and to anyone who didn't... well, they would just have to deal with it." I thought this was a fantastic reference to her first line in the Book as a little girl "I am the Avatar and you gotta deal with it", back then she may have been the Avatar, but it was only in that moment when Tenzin called her by her title that she earned it and fully accepted it. So overall, it was disappointing not to have that many new things mentioned especially after Revolution did that well, but it is not a terrible book. It is not aimed at us Adult fans, but younger fans may really enjoy it. Depending on how Book 2 goes in she show I may pick up the novels for it. Thoughts ?