Avatar The Last Airbender has some of the coolest Martial Arts scenes you'll ever see, patterned after real life Martial Arts styles the scenes are incredibly drawn and animated, a masterpiece of artwork. [caption id="attachment_43" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="Zuko Fire Blast in The Last Agni Kai"]Zuko By Fire Wallpaper[/caption]

#1 Azula V.S. Zuko The Last Agni Kai for the Throne

The visuals in this scene were incredibally striking, rich flame colors complemented with strangely soothing and eery music, the action is intense and unrelenting with plenty of emotion."  One of the best Avatar The Last Airbender Martial Arts scenes!

#2 Avatar Aang vs Firelord Ozai

Nonstop Avatar Action, the coolest part is when Firelord Ozai jumps off the falling ship, pretty epic, yet another fantastic Avatar The Last Airbender Action scene fast paced and action packed!

#3 Toph Vs. Elite Firnation Soldiers

Toph uses all her metal bendind skills to take down the top Firenation soldiers, classic!

#4 Order of The Lotus Attack Ba Sing Se

The order of the White Lotus combine all of their power Water, Earth, Air, and Fire to take back the fallen Earth Kingdom Capital Ba Sing Se.

#5 Jet V.S. Zuko

Zuko and Jet, an awesome combination for a fight any day, swords vs some kind of wierd hook weapon, pretty cool acrobatics and martial arts.
I hope you enjoyed all of these Avatar The Last Air Bender Fighting Scenes We really enjoyed watching them and finding the best ones to post here! Lot's of awesome content is found in Avatar the Last Airbender!
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