After an uncharacteristic break with no posts, Bryan Konietzko has returned to Tumblr with a bang. First up 2 new Book 3 Change images focused on a meditating Jinora. Jinora
  I am really happy to see these Jinora screens, it means she really has stepped up from being a minor character to being a major character. - From the same post Bryan mentions the reason why he has not been posting much.
Howdy, friends! Sorry for the virtual radio silence on here lately. Busier than my usual amount of busy as we are finishing up work on the second Korra art book on top of our production duties. We’re really excited to get that thing printed and released!
This is only the second time the Book 2 art book has been mentioned so it is great to see that it is nearly complete. Solicitations so far do not list it up to May so at earliest it will be out in June, unless they make an announcement. I am so excited for this book, the spirit art is going to look amazing. Thoughts?