Our new source for Avatar books, Edelweiss has come through again with a very odd and unexpected product announcement. A new book called Avatar The Last Airbender - Legacy published by Insight Editions. We have a temporary cover, description and release date

Avatar Legacy

The product description is as follows

"Earth. Air. Fire. Water. These are the four nations that lived in harmony until the Fire Nation attacked. For the next hundred years, war raged across the globe. It was believed that all inhabitants from the Air Nation had perished. Then, a girl and her brother discovered a twelve-year-old boy frozen in an iceberg. His name: Aang. He is the Avatar, the master of all four elements. Together Aang and his friends went on to save the world! Now a man, Aang looks back on these adventurous years-from being found in the ice to fighting epic battles to negotiating peace. This is Aang's story, his mementos, and keepsakes. Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legacy is the collection that Aang passes down to his son Tenzin, who will one day be a master Airbender, too. Readers will relish Aang's heroic tales and the posters, clippings, cards, and maps he gathered along the way!"

The book is priced at $24.99 US Dollars

It is 64 pages long with colour illustrations

The book's dimensions are 7 inches by 7 inches, for an unusual square shape.

The release date is October 14th 2014 in america and October 23rd for the UK

Author is Michael Teitelbaum and the illustrations are by Lawrence Christmas.

Now for some thoughts on this book. First of all I am shocked to see new ATLA books being out especially linking into Korra. As fare as this book specifically I am not overly sure what to make of it, it seems very interesting as it should contain new info about Aang that we have never heard before, but because it is being done by a new publisher and an unknown author/illustrator as far as working on Avatar goes I am a little bit weary. A lot depends on who this book is aimed at, is this meant for kids or is it more for hardcore fans like us.

I would hope that this book would give us a lot of information about Aang and his life between the end of ATLA up to his death, stories about the birth of his kids and life married to Katara. But primarily this seems to be a memento style book, hence the large price for only 64 pages, the key line is "Readers will relish Aang's heroic tales and the posters, clippings, cards, and maps he gathered along the way!" so we will be getting "replica" style items in this book which is really cool, especially if the items are known from episodes of the show.

I am eager to see what the final cover and actual content will look like, but on the whole I think his book looks good enough for me to put in a preorder. I am excited, but what are your thoughts on this shock book announcement?