July Solicitations are now out for Dark Horse Comics and this time they feature 3 Avatar books. First up coming out on September 14th in comic stores is North and South Part 1, the first part of the next ATLA comic series after Smoke and Shadow. NorthAndSouthPart1
When Aang leaves to aid Zuko with the Kemurikage, Katara and Sokka return to the Southern Water Tribe by themselves. Katara is shocked to find that her beloved village has become a bustling city, with none other than their father, Hakoda, in charge! A northerner named Malina seems to be behind this change, pushing the North and South to be more unified . . . but what are her true goals?
The main new thing here is the release date which last we heard was September 28th in comic stores, but now it seems to be back to the 14th. This is very confusing as it was initially revealed by Penguin Random House as releasing on the 14th and in the preview at the end of Smoke and Shadow Part 3 it mentions "Coming in October", but if the book is coming out on the 14th neither the comic book store release or the regular book store release (Which would be the 27th if the 14th is the real date) is in October. We have obviously had a very confusing release for Smoke and Shadow Part 3, let's just hope this one goes much more smoothly. The second item is the Smoke and Shadow Library Edition Hardcover, which is coming out the week after North and South, September 21st in comic stores. This is 1 week earlier than we last heard from Amazon which had an October 11th mass market release which would have meant a September 28th release, but now it seems to be September 21st for comic stores and October 4th elsewhere. SmokeAndShadowHardcover
The Fire Nation is threatened by a prophecy told by the Kemurikage-mysterious figures thought only to exist in legend: "Remove Zuko from the throne or the country will perish!" Unrest is brewing as the New Ozai Society prepares to make its move against the Crown, and children begin to go missing from their homes under mysterious circumstances! Avatar Aang and his friends are doing everything in their power to save them-but will it be enough? This special oversized edition features parts 1-3 with annotations by writer Gene Luen Yang and artists Gurihiru and a sketchbook section with new behind-the-scenes material!
This book is going to work the same way as the previous hardcovers, all 3 parts of Smoke and Shadow will be included, annotations from the creators and some concept art also. The last item is the Legend of Korra Poster Collection which keeps its previous release date of September 28th for comic stores and October 11th elsewhere. Korra Poster Collection
Regarded as one of the highest-quality shows on TV, The Legend of Korra has garnered critical acclaim, dozens of awards, and thousands of fans since its 2012 debut. Relive all of your favorite moments with this oversized poster collection packed with stunning scenery and extraordinary characters!
Nothing much to talk about here, again I just hope it is more character focused than scenery focused in terms of the number of posters. The ATLA poster collection had way too many scenery posters for my liking and a lot of important characters were not present at all. Overall September into October looks to be a very exciting time for Avatar fans, we have books coming out 3 weeks in a row and around this time we will probably have news about the Korra comics and more.