Amazing that we are at a guess 2-3 months away from Book 3 airing and we have to rely on other language dubbing sessions for ANY updates on the book. This time thanks to the spanish dub, we have part of a page of a Book 3 spanish script + a new image of Tenzin. spanishtenzin spanishscript   The image is interesting in that it seems like Tenzin is speaking into a microphone in the Pro Bending arena. The script is a bit more interesting in that it hints at a few things. I know very little spanish, but thanks to some online translation the jist of what is seen above seems to be that Bolin is calling someone wonderful and cute and that they smell like flowers, potentially a new romance interest or just some more movers work. I assume the scene changes then to Korra talking to Tenzin. She asks how training is going and Tenzin says not well, referencing air, so I assume Airbending training, Korra then says something about kids. So perhaps the Air Kids airbending training is having some problems. For me the big exciting thing is that even though we have already had Book 1 Air, it seems like we will get some more focus on Airbending training perhaps. This may explain why the Northern Air Temple is on the Book 3 Art Book and why Korra has a glider, some NAT training maybe. Thoughts?